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Durban- TOPS at SPAR Bierfest is back for a six!

It’s no coincidence that in the world of beer, good things come in sixes. It’s why we have the six-pack and why the TOPS at SPAR Bierfest celebrates its sixth year in existence as SA’s favourite proudly national annual touring festival of Bavarian bier culture! With a brand new venue, refreshed festival layout and a richly expanded entertainment programme, TOPS at SPAR Bierfest 2016 invites you to get in touch with your inner Germaniac, lug on the lederhosen, dust off the dirndls and get ready to party with added oompah at Sibaya, from Friday the 30th of September to Saturday the 1st of October.

The TOPS at SPAR Bierfest bring its barrels of beautiful bier to Sibaya. Whether you’re eighteen or eighty, whether you’re a loslappie or a Heidi wannabe, the TOPS at SPAR Bierfest brings together the best elements of the legendary Bavarian Oktoberfest in a uniquely South African setting. Amidst a menu packed with traditional Bavarian foods will again be the legendary 1 litre (half-litre for the ladies) steins of freshly-brewed Bavarian recipe craft biers, traditional Oktoberfest games, on-the- spot competitions, oompah music, party pop rock favourites and of course, a chance to win a trip to the actual Oktoberfest in Munich 2017 in the offering.

As with all its events, the TOPS at SPAR Bierfest supports responsible drinking and will have a range of options on hand to make getting home safe after a few drinks the most hassle-free and affordable experience it can be. #DrinkSmart!

Tickets on Tap: There are four different ticket options to get your oompah on:

– Braumeister (V-VIP option) from R875 per person (excl. VAT); a 3-course meal and a limited bar tab plus some fun dress-up options included!

– Brauhaus (VIP option) from only R445 per person (excl. VAT) a 2-course meal, limited bar tab and costume accessories.

– Über Bier Hall: Only R195 per person (excl. VAT) for the day-time session (Saturday), R215 per person (night time session) includes 1 x 500ml bier, bier tastings and a dress-up item.

– Standard Bier Hall Ticket: only R125 per person (excl. VAT) for the day-time session (Saturday) and R140 per person (excl. VAT) for the night-time session includes entrance to the event, along with a complimentary bier tasting.

All tickets can be booked through iTickets or through Bierfest’s Facebook page.
All food and drink purchases at the festival are made using Bierfest “Crowns.” Crowns are available in denominations of R30 and are sold in packs of five (non-refundable).
Pre-Order your Bierfest food platter online now (see the Bierfest Facebook page), and your Fraulein will deliver it directly to your table.

The event is not open to anyone under the age of 18.
For more details and bookings, go to
Follow the event on Twitter @SABierfest (#SABierfest) and on Facebook TOPS at SPAR Bierfest and on Instagram @SABierfest.


We have x2 Standard Bierhall tables of 8 to give away.
To enter, drop us a comment below and tell us why we should pick you.

– Winners will be contacted on 23 September 2016. –

  • Terry Munsamy

    I like to drink a lot. Thank you 🙂

  • Rudolf de Bod

    I have the perfect 7 friends to fill that table. Please, please, please let us win.

  • Kristen Pretorius

    I have been a head fraulein at this event for 4 years and have travelled with the band and the bier! However, have never had the opportunity to be on this side of bier served. It would be nice to let my braids down and to let loose a little along with family and friends!

  • Crystal Govender

    I have never been for the bier fest. This would be an awesome way to celebrate my husband birthday which is coming up soon. Been full time working parents we dont get to go out much. I cant remember when last we spent time with friends, drank the night away and just social. This would be a perfect way to catch up with friends and celebrate my husband bday #im_A_Durbanite #bier_FEST crossing fingers

  • Sharon Friedland

    My two sisters have both had babies recently and i would love to take them and their long suffering hubbies out for a child free booze up, i think they really deserve it after giving up alcohol for the pregnancies and early months, lots of catching up to do. And who knows, maybe after dressing up and a few beers they might get some siblings for their little ones!

  • Reece Williamson

    Thats easy. I love beer and therefore would appreciate the experience. ????????

  • Marc Forrest

    I have 7 friends who need this more than I do. I think that should be a good enough reason to win 🙂

  • Nathan Goosen

    I love beer.. I have friends that love beer too…please sir, can I have some beer?

  • Miles Jacoby

    There the 7 of us sat, at a pub table, commencing our first Gentlemen’s Hunters and Diners Club meeting. The minutes book was out and beers were handsomely brim-filled. Amongst the mindless banter and BS, some business was discussed. Our first project was a beer pong table which we handcrafted in a garage and so dearly named ‘Beirut’ (apparently this was a foreign language term for beer pong). And so, the Beirut Beer Sessions were born. We now had the table and troops, all we needed was our own beer. The crew headed to the local home brewing outlet and purchased our first (“first”) home brewing kit. Needless to say, our next gentlemen’s meeting was brought forward for some reason… The gents rocked up to an evening of beer making, boerie rolls, 80’s TV games and some other locally made beer that would no longer be drunk once our brew had seduced us. The Beirut Beer Sessions were under way and our self indulgent evening of manly activities were not without some well thought out production line techniques. The beers were bottled by each hand of a fellow brewmaster and put away in the naughty corner to fester until they were ready for their judgement day. Our annual Christmas Party was on the rise and as attendees, we thought it fitting to proudly unveil our newborn brew to the masses (well, ourselves). Labels were made and an unsuspecting little bar fridge was packed to the rafters with all 68 bottles – with a red ribbon and bow. The day was upon us and we all huddled around the fridge. An unwarranted speech was attempted as the gents salivated and urged for the bow to be cut and fridge to be opened. It is at this point that most of us were praying that our first brew be somewhat bearable and not punish us with a lifetime of food poisoning (I mean, if the beer had some flavour and was mildly enjoyable, we would be over the moon). Alas, the beer was sensational! I could go so far to say that it was comparable to a foreignly brewed beer that rhymes with Lion King. There was some discussion and judgement on it’s low alcohol percentage, however, the opinions of the sceptics were corrected once they had had their second beer. Unfortunately, no close friends or family got to share in our experience as we all quite comfortably and happily drained the fruits of our labour. Of course, the evening could only have been completed with the addition of a beer pong table, which conveniently had been lurking in the garage.

    That very first beer was a Munich Lager: something that is clearly synonymous with the original Oktoberfest.
    Please grant us the pleasure of reminiscing this great tale with our plus ones this coming TOPS at SPAR Bierfest!

    The Beirut Brewers

  • Kerry-Lee Gurr

    I’ve never been before and would really like to hare this experience with my sister’s and their partners

  • yajna

    I live for beer and I’d love to take my friends with me to bierfest 2016????????????


    Love beer! And heard fantastic things about this festival and would love the opportunity to experience it!!!!

  • Siphephelo Maphumulo

    In recent year I have become a beer enthusiast, I have drunk and tasted as many beer as i can and i have since realized that there is more in beer than I initially anticipated.
    All in all I enjoy well Crafted, Malt, Lager,Draught,Cream Ale, Traditional beers from both international and local breweries.

    This event is for me not to miss.

  • Yogan Moodley

    I have never been to this event before. I am sure that it would be an incredible experience.

  • Joao Paulo Rodrigues

    Pick me. I like beer. A lot. Seriously. Beer is awesome. I am awesome. Free things are awesome! Free + Beer + Me = Triple awesome!

    Oh and I like beer.

  • Cindy Liu

    We’ve gone every year with the same group of friends and this is the last year that we’ll be able to celebrate together as a few of our close friends are moving to the UK. Please let us celebrate the good old times together, one last time! 🙂

  • yajna

    I’m the biggest briefest fan ever! Winning this would be so amazing I could take all my friends along with me ????????????????????????

  • yajna

    I’m the biggest briefest fan ever! Winning this would be so amazing I could take all my friends along with me

  • yajna

    Please pick me ????????????

    I’m the biggest briefest fan ever! Winning this would be so amazing I could take all my friends along with me

  • yajna

    Pick me because I love beer and I love festival’s ????????????

  • yajna

    I’m the biggest briefest fan ever! Winning this would be so amazing I could take all my friends along with me


  • yajna


    I’m the biggest briefest fan ever! Winning this would be so amazing I could take all my friends along with me

  • yajna

    I’m the biggest briefest fan ever! Winning this would be so amazing I could take all my friends along with me

  • yajna

    I should be picked because i love bierfest ????????????????

  • yajna

    I’m the biggest bierfest fan ever! Winning this would be so amazing I could take all my friends along with me ????????????????????????????

  • yajna

    I’m the biggest briefest fan ever! Winning this would be so amazing I could take all my friends along with me ????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • yajna

    Please pick me … For the love of beer ????????????????????

  • yajna

    I should be picked because i love bierfest…

  • Joe Nina

    I’ve been to every bierfest in Durban these last two years, please help me keep the streak going!!

  • ‘Becoz it’z good ja! Prost!

  • Sadesh naidu

    This will be very fantastic…. my family and I love bonding and spending great quality time. Word of mouth is based with excitement and great company. Please allow us the opportunity to go. We will surely have a great time and give you feedback


    Omw I would to treat my friends and myself to this fantastic event! We’ve been wanting to go from foreverrrr! Please make this possible ????

  • Lee Folkard

    Pick me • Pick me

    I want to drink beer ????