EXPLOSION is a bunch of crazy, wanton guys that love playing gun-slinging, good-time Rock ‘n’ Roll. Heavily influenced by 70s Hard Rock, Blues, and a bit of Funk and Jazz, EXPLOSION formed in early 2011 and have since been setting fire to stages with their swashbuckling, gut-punching, foot-tapping blend of organised chaos. The band demands your attention by assaulting the senses with a crash-bang feel that seems to all make sense, leaving you begging for more.

EXPLOSION is made up of lead guitarist Wesley Davies, Kyle Keegan on drums, Liam Brown on vocals and Sean Brydon on bass. The band started out as a bunch of mates getting together for a few drinks along with their instruments and just jamming their favourite Rock ‘n Roll tunes. Eventually this lead to the creation of original material and soon there was enough material to perform a gig. The name “EXPLOSION” came about from a newspaper headline. There was a gas leak in a nearby industrial area which lead to an explosion. The headline the following day was “EXPLOSION rocks Toti”. The band liked the sound of that and adopted the name for life.

Last month saw the release of the band’s first music video for their debut radio single “Lover Boy”. The video has now made its way on to DSTV’s M.K. channel. The idea for the video came about after the band met up with their old mate and renowned film maker, Jimmy Reynolds.

“Lover Boy is a Rock ‘n Roll love song. It’s about a guy that’s lusting after a girl. He really wants this girl but she is bad news… sort of a gorgeous, high class, badass, man eater, and she doesn’t care whose heart she breaks. But the guy in the song is just rock ‘n roll and he accepts the challenge. One night is all he needs to show her a good time.” -Shiv, Band Manager.

With the video, the band wanted to keep things fairly simple, and decided that the best way was to portray the girl in the song is as a stripper on a pole, losing clothes as the song progresses.  The video shoot took place over just one day at The Winston Pub. For EXPLOSION the video was unchartered territory as none of them had been involved in a project like this before. However the experienced production crew of Jimmy Reynolds and James Engelbrecht helped to keep things moving in the right direction. With the help of Matt and Luke Olivier from The Winston, the crew and band turned the pub upside down to build the set (complete with stripper pole). The dazzling dancer in the video is Chanel Bennie, whom the band discovered at an earlier audition at Nouveau Dance Studio.

EXPLOSION is really excited to have gotten their first video under their belt and ideas are already coming in for new music videos. They would like to thank JR Films, Supanover Media, Broadcast Lighting and the Winston Pub for going the extra mile and showing that Durban’s indie film making industry is a force to be reckoned with.

Written by Shivy Bissoon and James Engelbrecht. Photos courtesy of Stayt Photography

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