Durbanites join in the Critical Mass

Critical Mass is a bicycle ride that takes place on the last Friday of every month in over 300 cities worldwide.

Part protest and part celebration, it is mainly a great way to highlight the awesomeness of getting around on 2 wheels. The aim is to create awareness of bikes as an alternative and sustainable form of transport as well as to build community and celebrate the love of bikes.
This is a ride geared (excuse the pun) toward upping the awareness of bicycles as a viable commuting/transport method, it is open to ALL bicycle types and riders!

For Durbanites the route is as follows:

Stage 1: Moses Mabhida > Promenade > North Beach > Moyo > Point Precinct (pause to regroup)
Stage 2: Point > Shepstone Rd > Esplanade > Wilsons Wharf (halfway stop)
Stage 3: Wilsons > Canal Rd > Che Guevara Rd > Brand Rd > Davenport Rd > Bulwer Rd > Botanic Gardens > Cowey > Gordon > Florida Rd (regroup in park opposite Spiga)
Stage 4: Florida Rd > Argyle > NMR Avenue > Stadium

Everyone participating should save an emergency number on their cellphone under ICE (In Case of Emergency)

In case you don’t know, here is the Critical Mass Ethos:

– Critical Mass is NOT a race.
– The CM movement aims to raise awareness about the viability of bicycles as a form of transport; the cyclist’s right to share public space safely and the need for cycling infrastructure. Critical Mass Durban aims to bring more people back into the city. CM is about having fun, in a group, on wheels.
– CM makes an impact because it is a group. The group moves slowly and must not be separated. When the mass moves through a traffic light, the mass must stay together, even when the light changes, or it is dangerous. If cars get caught in the mass, allow them space to exit to the right. Always try to keep a lane open to the right of the mass for cars to pass safely by
– For CM to be safe and fun, we need to abide by some consensual rules:

1. Be safe
Be aware of those around you and maintain the cohesion of the group. Nobody gets left behind.
2. Be responsible
Make sure your bike works and that you have spares. Stick with the group and be aware of where the front and rear volunteer marshals are. Help each other – assist your fellow riders who need support
3. Be cool
Have fun. Connect with the people around you. EVERYBODY is welcome to join the Mass.

Answers to FAQs:

– There is parking around Moses Mabhida in 3 convenient places: the open air car park, the underground car park opposite Virgin Active, the Kings Park swimming pool.
– The route changes, but is around 20kms and easy.
– The ride is free
– All you need is you and your bicycle – please make sure your bicycle works and that you have basic spares
– This ride is unofficial.
– We may have volunteer support vehicles and marshals. Or we may not
– Lights are highly recommended, as are helmets, according to national road laws.. the onus is on the individual concerned in all instances. Unless your mother is riding noone has the right to say anything about your choice in this matter.
– If you have any other questions, inbox the hosts, or ask on the page and be inundated with ridiculous and humiliating comments by our esteemed members.
– And if you are going to be an asshole to people in the city, motorists, or to people on the ride, don’t come.


Read more about the Critical Mass idea below on their Facebook Page:
A video called ‘We are Traffic’ about the Critical Mass idea: