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Splashy Fen 2016: Q&A with Steve from Civil Twilight

I had the opportunity to do a little Q & A with Steve from Civil Twilight and had a good chuckle at some of his answers. Civil Twilight will be one of the many acts headlining at Splashy Fen this year (24th – 27th March).

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Q & A

Q. Apart from Splashy Fen 2016, do you have any other gigs lined up for KZN? If so, please give us more deets!

A. We do, actually. But I can’t give any deets at the mo. Mums the word.

Q. Steve, we hear you are in Durban at the moment on holiday… what do you love most about being here?

A. I love the people and the laid back vibes. Cape Town is great, but i find people have become a little more tense and scattered there. Durbs reminds me of the period i grew up in, time moved a little slower, things happened or they didn’t,  not so much of this rushing around with your head up your ass.

Q. You may get this a lot, but your music kinda reminds us of Coldplay (we love both!). To those Durbanites who are not familiar, how would you describe your music to them?

A. It’s very ocean like. Stormy at times, calm at others. It can drown you or it can carry you. And we love performing it live. But come see for yourself and let us know what you think.  

Q. What has been your favourite live-music performance to date?

A. I’ve had many good ones. We’ve been so privileged to see so many amazing bands live and play before and after them as well. The thing you find in common with all these artists is that the good ones, the brilliant ones are the most humble. The ones that put on the best show are the ones that know and love people. I’ve always taken notes from those shows.

Q. What CD are you currently listening to in your car?

A. The CD player in my bukkie is broken at the moment. But when i tried to fix it i found three CD’s jammed in there. Wilco – Kicking Television – Disc 1, Father John Misty – Fear Fun, and Switchfoot – Legend of Chin. Otherwise i just listen to the radio……and then turn it off cause there’s so much shit on there.  

Q. We would all like to be successful in life, what is “success” to you?

A. Being happy with who you are, being uninhibited on every level, knowing the thing that makes you joyful and full of life and doing it as often as possible.