2013 Durban Airshow a great success

On Saturday, July 13, planes and pilots from across the country trail blazed their way across Durban’s sunny blue skies leaving spectators in awe of the stunts on display. The well-loved Durban Airshow, part of the KZN Winter Air Tour and now in its 57th year, drew more than 8 500 people to the Virginia Airport. The airshow did not disappoint with a number of never before seen acts and family-friendly entertainment providing six and a half hours of non-stop aviation action.

The show opened with the Impala MKII roaring along the length of the airfield to the audience’s delight and from there the action didn’t stop. Firm favourites such as the Good Year Eagles wowed the crowds with the first ever “double heart” display while renowned aerobat, Glen Dell, maneuvered his Red-Bull Extra 330 with great skill just metres above the ground.

Besides being a gathering of the who’s who in aviation, the airshow also hosted a number of other VIPs including MECs Ina Cronje and Mike Mabuyakhulu, Miss South Africa, Marilyn Ramos, and Miss Hooters Worldwide, Kirstin Martins.

The crowd lines were opened at lunch to enable spectators to get close to the pilots and planes. New, non-winged attractions included a hovercraft display and a cherry picker to give people a unique vantage of the show.

According to event organiser Justin Scott this year’s show exceeded the expectations of the spectators and the pilots, “Not only was there a good turnout from the people of Durban, our pilots were also thrilled to be part of this historic airshow.  There were no repeats and the crowd was thrilled by the non-stop action. All of this continues to promote the aviation industry and create awareness about our regional airports which is the KZN Winter Air Tour’s main aim.”
The Durban Airshow officially brings the KZN Winter Air Tour to a close for 2013 and sees the organisers heading off to Ulundi for more aviation action at the upcoming Zululand Race of Champions.