Buff Parlour

Review: Buff Parlour – Male Grooming & Treatments

Times are changing and male grooming & treatments are here to stay. Buff Parlour offers a range of facial & body waxing as well as hand & foot treatments. The Durbanite Team was keen to send a male across to Buff to try out a few treatments and share the experience with you: I was that male.

“Please tell more guys to do this, trust me, us ladies love a well groomed man.”
– Passing Birthday Girl with her gals (Happy 30th)

Buff Beauty Parlour in Umhlanga is an emporium brimming with delicious dichotomies. Fondly referred to as The Little Shop of Miracles, it is filled with everything you need and nothing you expect. The Parlour’s unique layout confidently ignores industry norms and, instead, follows department store protocol as there are various pods within the space, each with very specific branding. After all, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

There’s a certain stigma attached to “mansaping” but I was looking to break the mould and I was curious to see what our female counterparts go through on a regular basis. So, I lined myself up with an interesting combo: an intimate wax, a massage and a manicure. Let’s get this one out the way: I got naked. It really wasn’t as weird as I though (or weird at all), the Buff Team is so professional and happy to answer any questions you might have, and I had a lot.

Waxing Room

Waxing Room

The intimate wax I mentioned before was everything from the cherries through to the butt cheeks and my back, brave if you ask me. After taking my kit off the questions began to flow, many of which I’m sure had never been asked before but I’ll spare you the details. Turns out they do this all the time, and it’s only as awkward as you make it. These ladies make hygiene a priority and each step of the waxing process is explained if you want it to be.

The heat of the wax was the worst part for me, but I got used to it. The waxing itself was pretty painless and my pain threshold is hella low. It’s quite a lengthy process and any stubborn hairs are tweezed, also not sore. I was smooth as a baby and ready for my back massage which was amazing. Honestly one of the best I’ve had: not falling asleep was a real struggle.

The Workshop

The Workshop

After some grooming it was time to put the man in manicure. I took my seat at The Workshop, ready for my hand treatments. It felt kind of strange at first but I got into it. There are a handful of comic strips & magazines to keep you entertained. It was at this point that the passing ladies shared their admiration at a man looking after himself. After all, isn’t it our masculinity that sheds negative light on male grooming & treatments? If the ladies love it, you should too. Ever heard the saying happy wife, happy life? My nails weren’t long so I got my nails filed & buffed and my cuticles treated. I even got a mini hand massage.

A few weeks have passed now and I can say that I’m so glad I did this: I feel so clean, all the time. Fresh and breezy. And trust me, if I had more time I would have gone for a full manicure & pedicure, treat yo’ self. Never again will I frown upon male waxing and other treatments. I thoroughly enjoyed my Buff experience and encourage any curious guys, and those already grooming, to give Buff a try, I can all but guarantee that you’ll be back: I will!


Address: The Boulevard, 19 Park Lane, Umhlanga Ridge

Telephone: +27 87 287 9878
E-mail: hello@buffparlour.co.za
Website: www.buffparlour.co.za
Facebook: @BuffParlour
Twitter: @BuffParlour
Instagram: @buffparlour

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm
Saturday: 8am to 4pm
Closed: Sunday, public holidays & third Monday of every month.