Hooters Umhlanga – More than a cup size of knowledge.

Are you the one screaming out game show answers at your TV whilst your family hides their faces in shame? Then Hooters Umhlanga (yes, you heard correctly) has the answer for you. Unleash your competitiveness with their weekly Quiz Night every Monday night at 8pm.

All you need is a team (maximum of 8), your trivia mojo and the desire for good old-fashioned pub food (I sometimes daydream about their awesome curly fries and addictive cheese sauce). With superb prizes for the top three teams ranging from free shooters and drafts to meal vouchers and branded collectibles, it will definitely inspire the competitiveness in you. Regardless of your area of speciality, there is a field you’ll feel comfortable with as topics include spelling, science, food, geography, music, botany, biology and world events. To top it off, the host of the night is the charismatic Harry Monks, whose Irish accent accentuates the pub feel whilst allowing you to be thoroughly entertained even if you don’t know the answer.

So what if you’re not a wealth of random facts? Hooters Umhlanga can give you a few more reasons for you to come over. There are, of course, the iconic Hooters girls who will make most guys just a little bit shy with their looks but will then end up making everyone (including the girls) feel at ease with their friendliness and helpful service. Hooters also rewards sports fans for … well … just being sports fans as they award a round of shooters to teams who correctly answer their often sports-related questions during ‘lightning rounds’.

But more than that, Hooters provides friends with the perfect chilled out hangout to have serious conversations about where Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompas are actually from and why they’re not orange in colour (yes, those conversations actually do happen). It serves as a comfortable place, welcoming anyone and everyone with great service, tasty dishes and the possibility of first prize to make up for the Monday blues you had earlier in the day.

So what are you waiting for? Book your table for next Monday’s Quiz Night by calling 031 561 1130

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