Comrades Marathon this weekend

They say the early bird catches the worm. Well, on Sunday the 2nd June the early birds will be those brave men and women gearing up and making their way to the start line of the 2013 Comrades Marathon.

Young and old will gather at the City Hall in Durban after months of training and put their bodies and minds to the test, as they begin the ultimate human race.

86.96km later, we will see the first 10 men and woman crossing the finish line at The Cricket Oval in Pietermaritzburg to claim their Gold Medals, an achievement like no other! The medals given out thereafter are the Wally Hayward Medal, Silver Medal, Bill Rowan Medal, Bronze Medal and 11 hours later, 1 hour before the final cut off, the Vic Clapham Medal comes into play.

It’s the last moments that are the most inspiring and humbling of the Comrades journey. Here you will see the human spirit come to life, some may succumb to their exhaustion but they pick themselves up and carry on. You will see groups of people who had started their day as strangers but will finish it as friends.

You see their passion, drive, courage, strength and humanity shine.

To all those brave men and women taking part this year, Durbanite wishes you all the best!

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