WIN a High Tea at the Oyster Box for Two

The High Tea at the Oyster Box is literally heaven. From freshly baked scones, pastries, quiches and cakes, to finger sandwiches and savouries, you truly are spoilt for choice!

High Tea

Inspired by the hotel’s original, colonial architecture, the High Tea is a lengthy, leisurely affair. Live piano music provides the perfect backdrop and adds a personal element to the beautiful Palm Court. The menu changes often to suit seasonal availability and specialities, making each visit new and exciting. All pastries and baked goods are prepared on the property by the executive pastry chef, Joanita Venter and her dedicated team.

High Tea

The Evening Indulgence in The Palm Court makes for a perfect post-dinner or late afternoon treat. From 6pm – 9pm, stop by the Palm Court and make your selection from an assortment of mouthwatering pastries, freshly baked scones with jam and cream and exquisite cakes, served with your choice of tea or coffee.


We’re giving away a High Tea for two at the Oyster Box. To enter, simply drop us a comment below telling us what your favourite sweet treat is!
Winners drawn on 30 November 2016.

Website: www.oysterboxhotel.com

  • Kirsten Rencken Dyssell

    Carrot cake

  • Janel Sunderlall

    I love chocolate cake and chocolate eclairs. Would love to win High Tea

  • sarah van rooyen

    It doesn’t matter if it’s pastries, donuts, tarts or meringues… anything sweet is an absolute treat! ❤😍Oyster box sweet treats are my absolute favorite – not to mention the surroundings..

  • Janet Moses

    My favourite sweet treat is bar one cake. #SweetTREAT #HighTea #OysterBox Would really love to win a sweet treat experience 🙂

  • Depashni Marie

    I love chocolate cake 🎂

  • Megan Thornton

    I absolutely love a chocolately gooey chocolate brownie, best sweet treat ever! #oysterbox #hightea #earlychristmassurprise #inittowinit

  • Shaheena Abdul-Karim

    My fav are little bee-stings 😍✨

  • Catherine Slabbert

    The oyster box is always out to impress with their high tea! I would have to choose a cheesecake

  • Tracey Daniel Vieira

    Chocolate eclairs!

  • Nicole

    Love strawberry cheesecake #inittowinit love to win this it’s my birthday on 2 nd December

  • Bronwyn Simpkins

    Lemon meringue pie 😍 Crunchy, flush and gooey all at the same time!

  • Carmen Du Plessis Buckle

    I would love to win this as the Oyster Box is one of my favourite places. This would be a lovely treat to take my Mum before Christmas 🙂

    • Premarsha Naicker

      Favourite sweet treat has to be baked cheese cake and macaroons!

  • caitlin borain

    I’m a girl with a sweet tooth, “decadant” should be my middle name .. And “seconds” should be my third, because i can never get enough. Whether it’s milktart, chocolate cake, brownies or custard slices.. I adore sweet treats.. However my absolute favorite is scones with fresh cream and strawberry jam. Nothing makes me feel more fancy, or more like a lady than sipping on a cup of tea and eating scones. There is just something magical about them that takes me back to childhood memories with my mom and granny 😍 ☕🍰🍩🍪🍮

  • Kristen Pretorius

    Best sweet teeet has to be cheesecake!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 strawberry, blueberry, lemon, turkish delight, oreo, vanilla, simply just too many to mention!
    “One does not simple choose one favourite cheesecake flavour” ☝👌🎂🍰☕

  • Noelene Naidoo

    Give me a scone, fresh cream and jam and I’m in heaven any day!

  • Kerri Dixon

    I have never had the privilege to go to the Oyster Box, and tasting my favourite sweet treats is basically any kind of tart would be the best treat!

  • Jessica Leigh Blom

    Oh my word… I have always wanted to experience a High Tea. I would take my mom, who has also never been, to over-indulge with fresh scones with obscene amounts of jam and cream ❤ Yes please!

  • Wenzile Madondo

    My sweet tooth favourite sweet treat is Swiss Carot Cake, moist and oh so heavenly!!❤️😍. In desperate need of the cake , its heaven on earth .

  • Cindy Schutte

    Chocolate Éclairs 😍

  • zama

    Death by chocolate cake 😍

  • Claire Knoechl

    Carrot cake!

  • Karishma Dukhea

    My favourite dessert is red velvet cupcakes or anything chocolate 🍫

  • Eshlin Vedan

    Chocolate eclairs.

  • Akira Nunkumar

    An absolutely to die for cheesecake😍 Would love to get the opportunity to have an amazing high tea at the oyster box and get to be fancy for a day 🍰🍾

  • anisha_singh

    Victoria Sponge cake!
    Ah this takes me back to the wonderful days of my childhood when my granny would serve a thick slice of Victoria sponge cake with a cup of freshly brewed tea. Her tales from afar coupled with the marriage of decadent sponge caressed with luscious cream & strawberry jam was memorable. So yes, high teas were so fashionable back then. Now Oyster Box has perfected the art of high tea & the fact that you have to book months in advance says a lot. I for one would love to take my daughter there so she can savour the delights of tea time bliss!

  • Jessey Pan

    I am such a sucker for patisserie, from muffins, cakes, scones, croissants to pancakes and waffles, you name it I love it. But the one decadence that my daughter and I cannot ever walk past is a zesty lemon meringue cake. ♡

  • Sandy

    Pecan Pie with cream.
    an irresistable slice of warm pecan pie…served with swirls of fresh cream & a dusting of Flake,.makes me weak at the knees!

  • Vinesh Ramothar

    Victoria sponge cake is an all time classic favourite

  • Nicola Meyer

    I love Lemon Meringue Pie and a Rich Chocolate Cake

  • disqus_iKvSupVLtX

    I love carrot cake, but I find that many places do not use the traditional icing on the cake,and it totally spoils it. I wonder how the Oyster Box’s icing is?

  • Sharon Friedland

    Carrot cake!!!

  • Tamlynne

    Ahh, it has to be Scones with cream and jam 😁

  • Fatima

    My absolute favourite is strawberry cheesecake. This would be a dream come true and an absolute spoil for my husband and I when we are in dbn. It would also satisfy a preggy mamas sweet tooth cravings by hitting all the right spots!

  • Ryan Quevauvilliers

    Definitely granadilla cheese cake

  • Fauzia

    The mini pecan tarts are Devine! Oyster box has the best high tea in Durban

  • Renuka Lallbahadur

    My husband and I adore anything sweet. Chocolate cake and carrot cake are always vying for top position as we love them both. 2016 has been the most challenging year to date. Hubby lost his job and finances took a plumet. On 17th november hubby celebrated his birthday. No celebrations as money was tight. I am entering this comp with everything crossed so that I can take him to this prestige high tea which we have always wanted to attend. Pick us and we promise to take out many pictures.

  • Michelle Koekemoer

    Its very hard to chose as I have such a sweet tooth, but I think my absolute favorite is cheese cake. I would really love to win this prize, have always wanted to come to your high tea or breakfast, heard so much about it from friends, but my tight budget has never allowed me too:(. Any way my hubby has promised me for my 50th Birthday next year (3 Dec 2017) he will bring me:) 🙂 🙂

  • Melissa Rambally

    Um that’s easy! Anything with chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! Yummmm

  • Marc

    Caramel pecan pie – no contest

  • Nirvana Sewsunker

    Anything citrus flavoured but I’m not fussy…anything decadent will do 🙂

  • Revi Moodley

    Easy peasy Petit Fours because happiness in tiny squares.

  • Selwyn Smith

    Bar one cake!I work so hard it would be a welcomed break for me

  • Sarah Bessinger

    Those little peach sweets…reminds me of when I was 7 years old

  • Almani Leyde

    It’s a newly found sweet treat love, but definitely would say macaroons! Salt caramel flavour

  • Kate Clarence

    Classic buttery scones with strawberry preserves and clotted cream!

  • Tees

    Ah.. sweet treats….. chocolate, in every shape and form, especially a moist slice of cake…. but combine with the indulgence of cheese, and a chocolate cheesecake with raspberries….. that would be a drift into heaven on earth.

  • Christy Horner

    I’m a sucker for lemon meringue pie! Golden and sweet with a creamy lemon that melts in your mouth, and a rich crunchy base! To die for!

  • Melissa Moodley

    I absolutely adore chocolate brownies topped with ice – cream. The brownie must be very chocolatey and rich. I also enjoy a nice hot scone with some cream. I am a HUGE tea lover!!!! tea just goes perfect with a scone and even muffins. Yea I do have a heavy sweet tooth!!!! but having something sweet is what makes life GREAT!!!!!! I would LOVE to go to the High Tea and I would take my mom with me as we both have always wanted to experience the High Tea at the Oyster Box. I get my sweet tooth from her 😉

  • Shiveshni Pillay

    Picking a single sweet treat Ia the most difficult one but nothing beats a cupcake really . A try of gourmet cupcakes like lindt and Ferrero would be rather exciting . The oyster box has the best high tea ever and even though Im not even a tea drinker I had throughly enjoyed myself the one time I was given the opportunity to dine there 🙂

  • Ann Rein

    All I want for Christmas is a rainbow cake!

  • Kylie Tregoning

    Cupcakes! Every and any kind of cupcakes and cookies! 2 of my weaknesses in life 🙊Ask anyone who knows me, that is the way to my heart! I have always wanted to go the Oyster Box high tea and Im returning to Durban from university soon for the holidays and would absolutely love to spoil my mom with this ❤

  • Jodi-Lee Giselle Melrose

    Scones with Jam & Cream! Yuuuummmmm!

  • alishia

    Nothing hits the spot more than chocolate cake! Sweet teeth cravings well satisfied 👌

  • Casey Fredman

    Cheese cake wins every time 🍰 👍🏼

  • Anashya Rambalie


  • Delicia Rohan

    Everything and anything. The End. 😁

  • rebecca

    I am a huge chocolate fan so I would have to say a deliciously rich chocolate brownie…but when it comes to the Oyster Box, EVERYTHING is absolutely out of this world <3 I was blessed enough to have been invited to a birthday for high tea at the Oyster box a few years ago and I had the most amazing time – the food was impeccable! Would SOOOOOOO love to win and take my boyfriend with to experience it for the first time 😀 😀 😀 😀 I know he would just love it! HOPING!!!

  • Suvena Prithinath

    I love the mini blackforest trifles you used to serve st high tea. Unfortunately the last time I was there it wasn’t part of the meal. I love all the goodies at oyster box.

  • kerry

    Anything chocolate. …macaroons. ..chocolate. .chocolate. . .chocolate. …
    oh and tea!! 🙂

  • Britt Viljoen

    Vanilla cupcakes 😍 Please pick me so I can come to Durban and spoil my mom at the best hotel in Durban!!! 😁

  • Darren Marais

    My favourite treat is the cheesecake! Oh how decadent to enjoy high tea at The gorgeous Oyster Box, watching the waves lap the sand! The sun kissing my skin as the creamy cakes caress my tongue! How heavenly!!!!!

  • Ashleigh Jane Dowle

    Macaroons! They are heavenly little treats, perfect for special occasions such as high tea at the Oyster Box! i have always wanted to go to the Oyster Box for High tea and hopefully I can win tickets and cross it off my bucket list!

  • Marion Conway

    Cheesecake is my favorite. Strawberry and lemon

  • Farla Simon Ribbonaar

    Chocolate cake! !!!!! Nothing better

  • Bruce McIlwraith

    Chelsea Buns! Especially the mini ones that the Oyster Box does – delectable… 🙂

  • Willem Venter

    Chocolate Brownies!!! Mmmmm… #screwthediet 🙂