WIN train tickets with The Holiday Express


Now, why have we not thought of celebrating this before?
Celebrating the occasion with a very special Holiday Express train trip to the Shongweni Farmer’s Market!

Your family will enjoy this unusual form of travel, as well as the friendly ‘Country Market’ hospitality once one gets there!

Without a doubt, Shongweni is one of the most highly regarded and diverse farmers markets in South Africa. And it’s right on your doorstep – a mere sixty minutes up-the-line when you climb aboard the upmarket ‘Holiday Express’.

Fresh garden produce, home-baked products, fabulous floral arrangements, creative crafts and fabrics, homebrew beers and wines, cheeses, chutneys, sauces; scrumptious desserts and delectable fast food stalls. On top of this, there are ample open spaces and playgrounds to keep the small fry safely entertained. And all of this just a comfortable one-hour train trip up the line from Durban.

So why not make it a very special family train experience at the end of October?

The Holiday Express, operating the modern KZN Business Express, has arranged superb family orientated one-day train outing to the Shongweni Farmers and Craft Market on Saturday 28th October.

The Holiday Express departs conveniently from the security of the Premier Lounge, Durban Station with its own private platform. Travelling time is just one hour to Shongweni and 90 minutes to Scottburgh, with a selection of refreshments available on board – vouchers should be purchased during registration. Convenient boom protected parking is available immediately outside the Lounge.

Join us on the modern KZN Business Express Train Trip to the Shongweni Farmers & Craft Market.

Saturday 28th October.

07.00am – Registration
08.00am – Train departs for Shongweni
09.00am – Arrival in Shongweni. Board coach for a short trip to the Market
11.30pm – Depart by coach for Shongweni Station
12.00pm – Train departs from Shongweni for Durban
1.00pm – Arrival in Durban.



We are giving away x4 tickets to one lucky family!

To enter, drop us a comment below and tell us what you love most about train rides.
The winner will be drawn by the 25th October.

*Must be a family of 4
*Prize is for the trip on 28 October

  • Olga Thangavay

    I love that train rides give you a chance to take in all your surroundings and look at the beauty around you.i last did a train ride with my family of four, about seven years ago, for my son’s birthday and this would be a wonderful way to recreate that memory.

  • Nicola Meyer

    I love the train movement and to be able to sit and watch the scenery.

  • Pravina Naicker

    I am 48yrs old and I’ve never been on a train. This would be the most memorable event in my life. Thank you

  • Nadeem

    I haven’t been on a train before, great opportunity to get onboard & take in the scenery of the country side especially considering it’s my birthday weekend. I would love to take my family on this adventure of a lifetime.

  • Asha Singh

    I’ve only ever been on a train once, on a grade 2 excursion. I love the sound it makes. Nothing beats a long ride with people you love filled with chats and laughs with the engine sounds, rolling hills and beauty of nature just outside the window. It’s such an authentic, one of a kind experience!😊

  • Amikha Navalkissoor

    The sensation of old time travel, reading a book & drinking coffee enjoying the views that can’t be seen from another mode of transport. The history behind trains ♥️🛤🚂

  • Ranashka Ramrattan

    I have been on a train once in jhb and I believe that form of transportation is really a funfilled experience to communicate with people while travelling on a train as well as enjoying the scenery. I have never been on a train with my family and neither have they been on a train so I think this will be an amazing experience to share with my parents and sibling, and this would be an ideal memory to create for them. The experience of laughing and chatting while travelling on the train is definitely something to look forward to.

  • Jenine Chetty

    Love travelling by train. It’s a pity it’s not more available/ accessible in our day to day living in SAN.

  • Roxan Veloo

    I remember going on a train when I was little and it was fun. I would love for my babies to experience this as they have never been on a train before.

  • Mohsinah Pieterse

    I havewould never been on a train this would be a wonderful adventure for not only myself but my kids.
    Halloween is not only for us but its to make the kids want to celebrate the event.
    So give us this opportunity to give back to our kids.

  • Craig Fraser

    Train journeys take me back in time to when I was a kid exploring our beautiful country. To be able to share this experience with my kids would be an absolute blessing 🙂

  • Amanda Venessa Jugdeo

    I love the scenery and would love for my son to enjoy and experience this train ride

  • Roxanne Chutthergoon

    I love the scenery and the chance to take it all in with relaxation in a slow-moving pace, being able to soak it all up wonderfully 🙂

  • Losh Don Kisten

    The journey itself – discovering, exploring – adventure – new sights – new sounds –

  • Chinky

    This would be awesome for my girls. They have never been on a train. It would also be awesome for them to look at the beautiful scenery through the windows of the train.

  • Humairah

    Train rides are awesome, they such a delight, an adventure waiting to happen be it any day or any night. what I love most about train rides if you must know its the magical sound of the choo choo that makes my spirit go go go,no traffic to face me, a railway thats all clear now thats the way I love to feel the wind in my hair. a lover of train rides thats certainly fingers crossed

  • Nisha

    More like a stress reliever with the most beautiful scenery, what more than to spend quality time with your family, peace and serenity. It will be a super awesome win !!

  • Rhoda Twigg

    Love the sound of the wheels and the countryside

  • Megan Izatt

    I’ve never had the chance to go on a train. Id love the opportunity to not only go myself, but to be able to experience this with my amazing family ♡

  • Jade Sorensen

    My grandfather used to take us places on the train on weekends when I was a kid and those are my fondest memories. I would love to win this and make a new set of memories with my children 🙂

  • Tarryn du Plessis

    The best part about train rides is seeing how excited and happy my kiddies are during them.
    It really is a fun outing with the family and is a great memory for any child!

  • Trey Grandemange

    The last time my girlfriend and I were on a train was at Harry Potter World in London, and that one didnt even move. Please put us on a real moving train =(

  • Denise

    I have been on a train once before & love the relaxing feeling of being able to unwind & take a load off whilst taking in the beautiful sites, although my kids have never been on a train before. Would love for them to experience this.

  • Sadeshni Naidu

    I love the view of things and the atmosphere

  • Marilyn Jayapalan

    I love trains. My parents used to take me all the time to Sezela to visit my grandparents. Some of my most memorable childhood experiences. My kids however have never been on a train so i would love for them to experience what i experienced growing up

  • Samantha Govender

    Sitting on that train with my family and knowing that life is about taking chances and that it can reward you with blessed rewards. My family and I have a love for travelling and getting away from the hustle and bustle of sometimes, mundane daily routines. An opportunity to feast on, in soaking in the ambiance, a slow ride, seeing new faces, eating, meeting up and off course having fun!

    This reminds me of the spin-off series, Thomas and Friends (childhood memories)

  • Ryan Quevauvilliers

    I love the sound of a the train on the tracks and the wind and fresh air and the slow rolling hills going by

  • Louise Moonsamy

    Just the experience of sitting on a train and going through an absolutely scenic route brings back happy childhood memories of riding on the train going to visit my gran with my dad

  • Alicia Kotze

    To me, my favourite part is the sound of metal clanging, a reminder of modern mans greatest achievement – the Industrial Revolution

  • Shereen Arumugam

    Never had the opportunity to go on a train ride but would welcome the offer to go with my precious family of 4 and enjoy the breath taking scenic views and visit the Shongweni Farmers Market.

  • Norman Williams

    What I would love most about a train ride is to see the look and smile on my kids faces whilst they look out of the train window as they have never been on a train before xxxx

  • Deshnee Naidoo

    I have never had the opportunity to travel by train, so I would love to win these tickets and experience a ride on the tracks while the scenery rolls by like my own personal movie

  • Cathy Badenhorst

    Gosh have not been on a train since I was a teen…..would be amazing to experience this with my daughter as we have never been to Shongweni.

  • Tina R

    I haven’t been for one in my life, this Will be my first

  • Darren Marais

    The comforting sound of the train wheels against the rails, the blur of trees and houses as we travel past on the winding tracks , the excitement and banter of the passengers and the glorious sense of wonder as we reach the station,expectant of adventure! There is something quite magical about a train ride, yes indeed!

  • Daniela Cardoso

    Gosh the last time I was on a train was in Sedgefield when I was about 6 years old!. This would be a wonderful opportunity to see more of KZN from a different perspective and I would love to treat my Mom to a wonderful train ride and a day out with me as it is her Birthday coming up in a weeks time.

  • Veronica Viljoen

    This sounds so wonderful, a great way to spend an adventurous day with the family. It has been decades since I have been on a train and I have also never been up to the Shongweni area.

  • Gerrie Booyens

    The coolest thing about train rides is to sit back and enjoy the scenery. As a dad- who always drives, it would be cool to not be in the driving seat for a change.