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Spoil Someone Special this Festive Season

Christmas is a time to give something back to those who make a difference in your life, whether they be your friends, family or staff members. With the festive season many people can become anxious about how best to acknowledge the impact these special people make in our lives. Local manufacturer of popular South African export Wonderbag has come up with the perfect solution that will take all of the stress out of your Christmas shopping by putting together a limited edition Festive Hamper.

This Festive Hamper is the ideal gift for anyone who is looking to save on energy, enjoys the outdoors or just plain wants to add some “wonder” their daily cooking routine. When you cook with a Wonderbag you simply need to bring your food to the boil for a few minutes before transferring it into the bag and leaving it to cook to completion. This leaves you free to spend some quality time with your loved ones without the worry of possibly burning your food! The Festive Hamper, priced at R250, contains a plastic washbasin, a Wonderbag (valued at R200) as well an assortment of essential grocery items to get you started when using your ingenious new non-electric slow cooker!

Founder of Wonderbag, Sarah Collins, is passionate about finding ways to improve the lives of others. “We came up with the idea to put together a Festive Hamper a few years ago because it is a truly practical gift that can change the life of the person you are spoiling this festive season. Anyone can do with saving on time and power in the kitchen these days! Cooking with a Wonderbag will really change the way families spend their time as it frees up the person who is normally stuck behind the stove, to pursue other interests. It will also improve the lives of those living in the rural areas as they will be able to keep food hot or cold by using a Wonderbag,” says Collins.

Take advantage of this limited offer and treat your valued staff, family members or friends with this diverse kitchen tool! To order your Wonderbag phone 031 536 8220, email or visit Please note that price excludes delivery cost.



We are giving two lucky Durbanites the chance to win a Wonderbag. Simply leave us a comment below and tell us why you would love this product.

Winners announced at midday on Friday 5 December.

  • Terry Broom

    Hats off to Sarah for creating this amazing Wonderbag-it will definitely go a long way in improving ordinary people’s lives what with the price of electricity these days! I’d love to win this hamper & surprise Wellington who works in our garden with it. He supports a large family so it would be a huge help. He is always smiling,never misses a days work rain or shine & has a soft heart when it comes to animals-our dogs adore him. He would be a worthy recipient 🙂

  • Leigh

    I wanna save time in the kitchen + power 😉

  • Romona

    I would love this for outings with the kids…. partial cooking & cooked on the go 🙂

  • lorraine

    It’s an awesome product & I’ve always wanted one

  • desi

    Its so convenient! what an awesome thing to have. I would love to win this just in time for the beach this summer

  • Priscilla Boscombe

    Such a handy product to have

  • Judy

    i have 2 toddlers so this will help me a great deal to save time and energy (my own that is lol)

  • Amazing product from hearing about it. Would love to try it out 🙂 Make my dream come true.

  • Michelle

    Always wanted to have one of these. Would love to try it out.

  • Chantell

    I think it would be very useful. Especially with Load Shedding and not knowing if you’re coming home to no electricity. 🙂

  • Would be so great to win this fantastic product 🙂

  • Christy

    I’m always looking for new way to save electricity, and this looks like the easiest answer yet! I’d love to try my husband’s favourite chicken a la king 🙂

  • jane

    This would be so helpful to me! Fingers crossed i’m chosen as 1 winner!

  • noleen

    This is so handy, specially with 2 sons like I have – saves me time while doing the things they need me too 🙂

  • Janet

    I love taking my family to the beach and I enjoy cooking Breyani for them to take to the beach. This would be the ideal wonderbag to have as it would keep the meals hotter for longer. Would so love to have off of these

  • Marc

    This will be great to keep the food warm when my mom cooks for the guys at work and sends it to the office

  • Michelle

    Ive seen how awesome it is to use this from my cousin so would love to have one as well, what a time and energy saver!

  • Charmaine

    would love to give it as a gift to my daughter

  • rehana seedat

    I would love to make some wonderful meals using Wonderbag. I love to use it when I have to be out of the house around dinner-time. I can put a stew together at 3:00, put it in the Wonderbag, and be away from the house while it finishes cooking. I know dinner won’t burn, and I don’t have to worry about leaving the stove on while I’m gone. I would also use it at least once a week for cooking rice, grains, or dried beans. In the past, I’ve ruined my share of pots by letting them run dry while cooking beans or grains. The Wonderbag will allow me to put in a hot pot and forget about it until dinner-time. I think the Wonderbag will make an excellent addition to my summer campouts. I would love to to use it to cook during the summer, without heating up the kitchen. It offer me much convenience, great energy & time saver! I would really be overjoyed to own one.


    These bags are truly a wonder. Would love to win this bag so I can use it whenever we have our overnight trips exploring the outdoors or even when we are doing our feeding schemes around the area .. it will really come in quite handy ..

  • I simply love the Wonderbag as it is the perfect prize to take my food to the beach and it stays hot.Its so versatile and saves power.Love the Wonderbag its on my Christmas wish list.Thank u for an amazing opportunity

  • Shannon

    Seems like an amazing product, would love to try it 🙂

  • Taryn

    I love that Wonderbag not only helps make cooking easy but also helps rural communities learn about fire hazards and about using the bag instead of lighting a fire. They understand the dangers of what normal cooking is in rural areas that involves pollution and smoke inhalation, I love that they care about others. I love that one can quickly bring some food to the boil and then pop the food in the bag and no electricity needed. And that it doubles as a cooler! Also looks really funky!

  • Mandy

    A Wonderbag would be a very useful addition to my kitchen, especially when cooking and distrubuting to the less fortunate

  • Charne Hornsby

    I’ve never heard of this product before. Would love to try it out so I can recommend it to friends and family! It sounds fantastic!!

  • Alison

    Having 3 little girls definitely keeps me on my toes and not having to worry about the burning the food whilst changing a nappy would be awesome lol plus saving energy what more could a mommy ask for. Would love to win it!!!

  • Dawn W

    A wonderbag will definitely bring back more family time and less time cooking, in this busy world we live in we really need this so I would love this and spend more quality time with my family after a long day at work, rather than slaving in front of the stove for hours.

  • Lianta

    I love Durban. I love the Wonderbag…perhaps they should have called it the WonDURBag… 🙂

  • Magz

    Sarah Collins, you’re an absolutely WONDER! Thank you for coming up with this brilliant idea! My heart aches to see my Mum at Christmas time, miss out on so much time with us and family and friends as she spends so much time in the kitchen, behind the stove. Months have gone into years, one holiday after the next when she misses out on so much quality time with us all. This will make a truly practical gift that can change the life of my most precious person. I really want to spoil her this festive season. We gladly welcome saving on time and power in the kitchen these days, especially with the unpredictable Eskom issue on our hands! Cooking with a Wonderbag will really change the way we will spend our next holiday time as Mum will be free up to come and enjoy being with us without worrying about whats going on in the kitchen and food burning on the stove. It will be true in our house if we win this…a family who spend time together, stay together. Thank you for the awesome opportunity to enter <3

  • Roxanne Chutthergoon

    This would be the perfect gift for my mum and I would love to win it for her this holiday season…awesome for all those trips to the beach!

  • Brendan

    Awesome product. Would love to win one!

  • Janet Moses

    Would be so amazing to get a break during the festive season with the new wonder bag it would make my day a little easier giving me some time treat myself for a change.

  • Catherine Schmuhl

    Wow… Stunning! What a cool gift

  • Cathy

    now this is a real money saver especially considering the cost of electricity….also it would be extremely useful to have where I can prepare a meal “ahead of the dreaded loadshedding schedule” and then sit back and enjoy my time with my family and get to eat a hot COOKED meal in the evening by candlelight…this would definitely take the sting out of the loadshedding for us.

  • Daniela

    Would love this so that I can help out more with the cooking at home to give Mom a break after a long day. Would be perfect for me when I get to move into my own place in the near future.

  • This would be a huge help in my kitchen, I could cook and place it in the wonderbag, rush around taking my kids to extra murals and be home for a hot cooked meal. Holding Thumbs Durbanite.