Hilton Arts Festival

Witness Hilton Arts Festival

A world of magic awaits young audiences…

Hilton College: 12 – 15 September

Theatre is a magical world for children; a whole world of adventure, excitement and entertainment awaits. This year the Witness Hilton Arts Festival opens up this enchanting escape with a fantastic line-up encouraging the future generation to discover the delights of the performing arts.

A kaleidoscope of stories, theatre and music will entice the younger audience. The festival organisers have also coordinated a schools specific package, the fourth annual Jongosi programme. This year the programme opens up to both primary schools and high schools.


Primary schools can be treated to a day at the fest on Thursday 12 September and high schools learners can enjoy their turn on Friday 13 September, where all the shows are geared to the youth. The day is structured to ensure that pupils will be fully occupied attending a variety of age appropriate shows.

For the teens, the Witness Hilton Arts Festival’s aim is providing enjoyment but at the same time wanting to stimulate thought and discussion.


Director of the festival, Sue Clarence enthused, “We are delighted to be focusing on the youth this year. Children who get involved in art are able to safely express themselves be it through dance, a canvas, poetry, drama or story-telling. It is a healthy way of interacting, being out and about with like-minded people; getting kids off the couch and provides wholesome entertainment.”

For more info contact Sheryl on sh@hiltoncollege.com or visit www.hiltonfestival.co.za for the full programme.