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Get Fit Challenge Diary

Getting Fit with GETFIT!



–        I don’t have a fast metabolism

–        I love eating carbs (they are my friends)

–        I have some flabby bits (okay, a little more than some)

–        I am getting married and I really want sexy(er) arms for my wedding day!

I know a lot of people would love to get in shape, but I also know that most people have a list of excuses as to why they can’t or shouldn’t. I guess I was also one of these people, but when I was introduced to the GETFIT Challenge, everything changed and most importantly, I changed!

I’m not saying it’s been easy (there’s only so much tuna a girl can eat) but I am constantly trying to find new tasty ways of eating healthier and trying to prepare meals in advance… It makes the world of a difference! I’m proud to say that even though the cooler winter nights have set in (when I would prefer to curl up on the couch in my comfy-pants) I have pushed through the temptation and attended my classes.

My motivation: Wedding arms! Wedding arms! Wedding arms!

Candice and I finding our  inner skinny

Candice (right) and I finding our inner skinny

To the Lazy Ones, the Out-of-Shape Ones, the Busy Ones, the Bride-to-be Ones and the Mommy Ones, 

GETFIT classes are only an hour long and take place on various days of the week at various times. This allows you to choose a class that best fits your lifestyle. You’ll still have time to relax on the couch, catch up with emails, plan your wedding or tend to the little ones.

Word of warning: You WILL sweat. You WILL feel stiff. But you will continue to push your body harder than you ever thought possible. You will feel great about the effort you are putting in and you will slowly change the way you look and feel about yourself. If you put in the time and follow a clean diet the results will follow! Say goodbye to that beer-boep, those flabby bat-wing arms, the puppy-fat, any baby-weight and helloooooo to a new you!

The 8 week challenge begins on the 6th June 2016 and is open for registration. The guys at GETFIT are running an awesome winter special at R1800 for 3 x 1 hour sessions a week (for 8 weeks). Check out the website for more info. and to register:

As I sit here typing what I think and hope has been motivating, I feel that I have motivated myself to really push hard with 10 weeks of my challenge left! Bring on those stiff muscles and a fitter, healthier me (OH! and sexy wedding arms of course!)

Sorry carbs, you will be taking a backseat… for a while.


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GetFit Challenge Diary – Week 3



So, week 3 is done and dusted! I have to admit, it was a tough one. Saturday was by far the most challenging workout I’ve had in a long time. We did a ladder session, split into both upper body for 30 mins then lower body. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well technically it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy!

The basic premise is to conduct a large number of repetitions over 5 exercises, at your own pace. Starting with 10 reps, for each, then moving on to 9 reps, then 8 etc. The first five levels are smooth going, but then it gets quite hectic! Still, what an amazing workout!

Overall I can already see the difference in my body shape as well as my ability to run up the stairs to my apartment! Weight wise, I have dropped 2 kg’s and I am looking forward to my next weigh in and fitness test at the 6 week mark.

Don’t forget that you can join in for the upcoming 8 week challenge! I highly recommend it! Each Challenge runs for a 8 week period, during which time, participants attend a 1 hour group training sessiononce, twice or three times per week. The training sessions are a combination of cardio and weight training exercises aimed at increasing fitness levels and improving muscle strength and tone.

GF 8week

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Get Fit Challenge Diary

GetFit Morningside – 12 Week Challenge Diary Weeks 1/2



After completing the GetFit Morningside 6 week challenge two months back, I had awesome results in such a short period of time, so much so that I decided to dive right into the 12 week challenge! Being a sucker for punishment, I am as determined as ever to win the competition and this time my wife has decided to join me! Just a recap in terms of the challenge:

“The GETFIT Challenge has grown from strength to strength since its inception in 2008 and its participants have achieved some fantastic results, including improved fitness levels, body toning, muscle strength and weight loss.

The Challenge runs for a 12-week period, during which time participants attend a 1-hour group training session once, twice or three times a week. The sessions include a combination of cardio and weight training exercises aimed at increasing fitness levels and improving muscle strength or tone. The sessions are run by personal trainers who monitor correct form and encourage participants to ensure optimum results are achieved. The group training sessions are a great way to stay motivated and maintain high levels of enthusiasm!”

Technically we are now 2 weeks in and as my job requires a bit of travel, I had to cram and catch up a few sessions. The amazing thing is that after the first two sessions, it felt like I hadn’t even taken a break! The most intense session to date was the SWEAT 1000, which incorporates a myriad of different exercise in your hour long session, culminating in a total of 1000 repetitions.

Saturday was also a monster session with an upper body and lower body split. Definitely worth it though as it jump started my weekend!

Here’s a little snapshot of my initial weigh in results:


12 Week

Don’t forget to sign up for the upcoming 8 week challenge! If you need any info, feel free to contact Mark Sessions on 071 406 0459

Next update this Saturday!

Cheers for now!


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Get Fit Challenge Diary

The Challenge – Week 2



Two weeks in (well technically three because of my upcoming wedding) and I thought it would get easier!

Well I was half right. As I said in my previous post, this is probably the most challenged I have ever been in terms of exercise and in terms of eating right! There is an interesting balance that starts to take place after week two. I struggle through the sessions, but amazingly I find myself running up the stairs to my apartment and willingly lift heavy things as well.

The major focus of the GetFit challenge is on your core strength and your legs. It is amazing how quickly you can adapt to the strenuous exercise and wants you get into the right eating patterns it’s pretty great. I can physically see the transformation happening and I’m down 2cm on my waist.

For more info on the next challenge, keep an eye out on our page. Next post, all about Kettlebells!


PS: There is a morning session happening next to Circus Circus at 06:50am on the 11th of July, it’s open to the public!


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