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NOW OPEN: Brainstorm Escape Rooms



Brainstorm Escape Rooms is Durban’s newest live action puzzle game!
Have you got what it takes to escape in just under 60 minutes?

Step back in time and change history, locked in one of their fully kitted out themed rooms for 60 minutes. Crack the codes, decipher the riddles, find the keys, connect the puzzles and escape while ultimately beating the clock!

Co-founders, Clint and Chelsea were visiting friends in Johannesburg when they decided to try something “different.” After searching online, they came across an “escape room” game and thought they would give it a try. Since then, they were hooked!

Brainstorm Escape Rooms

Co-founders, Clint & Chelsea.

“From then on we could not stop talking about it and knew we had to do something like that here in Durban, but better! We researched themes and ideas and planned day in and out until we were happy with clever puzzles and interesting games that would captivate our audience.

All we had to do now is make this dream a reality. We chose the two themes “Saving Sherlock” and “Cabin In The Woods” as we wanted two very separate ideas and separate sort of games and features in the two rooms. We had all our games made up to our exact requirements and tried and tested everything until we were happy, (We are still working on “Cabin In The Woods” which should be up and ready soon!)”

Brainstorm Escape Rooms

After many bumps along the way with finding the correct people and companies to help create what Clint and Chelsea envisioned, everything finally fell into place.

“Now that we have opened the room, “Saving Sherlock”, we are able to watch customers thoroughly enjoying themselves in the room and really experience the excitement that we imagined and wanted them to feel. We are now on the road to advertising our company and want to tell everyone about Escape Rooms by getting people to understand what they are and how much fun can be had in just 60 minutes with friends, family and co-workers.

We want to try and get Durbanites out and about and trying something new, taking their minds off the day to day stress and diving head first into another time – solving riddles, finding clues and keys to ultimately unlock the mystery and the way out the room in a mind provoking, adrenaline filled mental challenge meant for everyone!

So far, we have had great feedback and would love to get the public to experience the fun, as we have had making these Escape Rooms for them.”

Brainstorm Escape Rooms

Cabin in the Woods will be opening in October around the 20th (Date subject to change, but keep an eye out on their FB page!)

Bookings can be done online through the website:
There’s a safe and secure online payment portal with Payfast.
Alternatively, customers can call and book telephonically on: 061 154 8290

Brainstorm Escape Rooms is the ONLY escape room in Durban where the entire room has been designed and created by Clint and Chelsea – locally produced.

If you’re looking for something fun and different, then you should go and experience a truly mind blowing escape room adventure at Brainstorm Escape Rooms!


We sent a team from Durbanite to check out what the fuss was all about at Brainstorm Escape Rooms.

“When we arrived, it was a bit of a puzzle trying to find the actual place itself, because of our poor navigational skills! We laughed it off as we eventually found Brainstorm Escape Rooms.
Entering the room, we were greeted with bright hues of yellow and blue – the main colours from their logo!

We were offered drinks and sat down in the lounge, trying out small puzzles while Clint gave us the lowdown on what to expect – without giving too much away.

Brainstorm Escape Rooms

Our team from Durbanite

We couldn’t wait to try out the game, so we left our drinks, packed away our bags along with our cellphones and were escorted into, what Clint and Chelsea referred to as the “Pre-Game Room”.
This, as we were told is a very new, unique and a first for escape rooms in SA, where the storyline behind why you are here and your mission at hand is no longer read out to you, but instead you experience an audio clip to set the scene. Sounds and voices coming through the speakers to really let your mind wonder and imagination take over to build anticipation for the challenge ahead.

So Chelsea told us to have fun, closed the door, checked we were alright, leaving us in a room with the lights off while we listened to the voice-over introduction.

When the voice-over ended, the door in front of us opened automatically and we rushed in to start the game.

It was amazing to see how our team of 5 worked together to solve the puzzles. We managed to escape with just over a minute to spare!
We all couldn’t stop talking about the experience afterwards, and noticed how each member played an important role in our success.

We can’t wait for the next room to be complete!”

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The Beauty of Brahman Hills, Midlands




Our Durbanite contributors, Shelley and her mother, Carmen were invited to experience Brahman Hills, their spa as well as the Midlands Kitchen.

Read more on what they had to say about it.

“I had been to Brahman Hills back in March with two of my friends, and I absolutely loved it! So you can imagine my delight when I would be returning, but this time with my mom.

We left our busy little city of Umhlanga and made our way towards Brahman Hills. The drive there is fairly quick and accessible, taking only an hour and a half.


Before arriving at Brahman Hills, we decided to try out The Midlands Kitchen.

The Midlands Kitchen is an eating area which hosts 15 kitchens, including Mexican, Mediterranean, Burgers, Chicken, Pizza, Indian and Vegan dishes. There’s also a harvest table for instant artisan fresh meals.

We loved the fact that is is both kid and pet-friendly!

We sat down and our waitress promptly greeted us while handing us menus to browse through. We were given a card with a table number on it. This is for The Midlands Kitchen to keep track of our orders throughout our visit.

I ordered a vegan dish which was a Cauliflower-based burger, while my mom opted for the spring-chicken burger. We added on two cappuccinos to go with our order.

The food was DELICIOUS! We were both delighted to have made the right choice, but I’m sure with any one of their options, it would never be a disappointment.

We ended off our meal with an ice cream cone each from their gelato station. Oh, and can we make a note that this was undoubtably the yummiest gelato? I mean, they had Nutella flavoured ice cream!

On our way out, we grabbed two chocolate croissants for later indulgence, because… why not?


After our lunch at The Midlands Kitchen, we arrived at Brahman Hills to check into our room. We were seated in the lounge area and offered tea/coffee while our room and key was being organised.

We checked in to the most beautiful little hotel with a private garden all to ourselves!

After a quick power nap, we headed out to the much talked about spa. We were excited to experience our treatments in the countryside.

At the spa, we both had a full body massage with an exfoliation and soak off in a bath. Beforehand, we got to choose which essential oils we would like. We both opted for lavender which helps with stress and sleep.

After our massages, we headed upstairs to get a mani & pedi done. There’s nothing quite like getting a mani while watching the cows roam around outside in the open. So incredibly relaxing!

My perfect mani from Brahman Hills spa


For dinner we had the pleasure of dining at the incredibly beautiful 89 on Copper restaurant which is underground in a cellar-like environment.

We had the two-course dinner. Both of us chose the rib wing for mains, and had the cheesecake & brownie for dessert.

Can we talk about how pretty this restaurant is?
We loved the holes in the walls where different bottles of wine was stored!


We woke up early to start off the day with breakfast Brahman cafe.
We had the choice of choosing which breakfast we wanted.

Never in my life have I had such a good start to the day with their breakfast!


If you’re ever in the Midlands, do yourself a favour and pop into the Midlands Kitchen and of course, Brahman Hills!

Phone: +27 (0)33 266 6965
Mobile: +27 (0) 81 370 9478
Address: Old Curry’s Post Road, Mount West, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

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REVIEW: Shayamanzi House Boats, Jozini



Experience the first Houseboats in South Africa – the only ones of their kind: Shayamanzi Houseboats.

Soak up the stunning scenery of the Lebombo Mountains and superb wildlife of the Pongola Game Reserve on the shores of Lake Jozini (also known as Pongolapoort Dam). Enjoy the calm serenity of the open Lake Jozini waters, the thrill of Tiger Fishing or the adventure of Mountain Biking in the heart of the Zululand bushveld! Shayamanzi is about taking time out to appreciate Africa’s special wonders.

We were recently invited to experience a stay on the Shayamanzi Houseboat.

“Shayamanzi Houseboats are based in Jozini Dam and has for some time offered a cruise with a difference onboard their houseboats.

We took the 3 and a half hour drive from Durban and made our way to Jozini Tiger Lodge where we met our host and the rest of the guests.
We then boarded the Shayamanzi II Houseboat where we were given a welcoming drink and set off on our journey with our very able and competent captain, Alan at the helm.

John our host, made everyone feel so welcome with his warm and hospitable nature as he got everyone relaxed and looking forward to the adventure that lay ahead.

We moored at our first stop where 2 small tender boats were used to take us to view wildlife and also to try our luck at tiger fishing.

Lucky and Bheki, the 2 crew members that were assigned to each tender boat were so helpful as they baited up and helped everyone. After a fun afternoon out, we made our way back to Shayamanzi for a rewarding hot shower and then all met up in the dining area to have drinks and wait for our supper. We were all served a delicious 3-course meal.

After dinner we all settled in the lounge, partying and exchanging stories, getting to know the other guests.


View from our cabin

With the following morning being overcast, it didn’t damper our spirits and so we went on the tender boats again! But not before we finished a scrumptious  breakfast.
On our boat trip, we were blessed to have seen hippos, elephants, crocodiles and fish eagles. Truly a remarkable sight, and not something you get to see everyday all in one place!

For the rest of the day, we relaxed in the jacuzzi while the men caught tiger fish off the back of the boat. Words cannot describe the wonderful feeling one gets whilst viewing the game in their natural environment from the comfort of a houseboat, whilst still being able to fish for tiger fish at the same time.

The last day we were all so sad to leave as we had 4 incredible days of fishing, game watching, laughing, dancing, eating glorious food and getting to know new people.


The wonderful, helpful crew at Shayamanzi

We would highly recommend this unique cruise if you would like to get close to wildlife and still have some luxury thrown in for measure.”

To book a Shayamanzi Cruise:

Tel: +27 (0) 34 413 2299
Fax: +27 (0) 34 413 2396

Address: P.O. Box 1070, Pongola, 3170, South Africa

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Review: Goldfish Live in Durban



Durban has a history of attracting rain when big live events happen, and thankfully on Friday night at Botanic Gardens, this did not deter the few thousand people that turned up to see Goldfish in the slightest.

Knowing it was going to be a bigger event they made the smart move of having the concert on the field next to the actual gardens, and thankfully so because of the wet conditions. It is lovely seeing bands perform amongst the trees next to the lake, but when you know you are going to have a huge crowd that Goldfish pull it’s an all round better experience that means everybody who comes gets a great view of the performance.

Jono Greenway Photography

The rain was always going to be a feature of the event, but thankfully it only rained as Goldfish started and then stayed dry for most of their performance, with most people happily dancing in the rain barely even noticing it. Some of my most memorable concerts I have been to are actually the ones where it has rained, maybe the performers put in a bit extra effort knowing that the people really want to be there and see them, even if it is raining.

And a performance it was. Goldfish never disappoint. They are masters of getting a crowd going, even if it is a cold rainy night in Durban. Despite being at it for many years now they thrive on the crowd interaction and still do such a great job of ensuring everybody who comes to watch them has a great time.

Jono Greenway Photography

Their second song “We Come Together” really summed up the night, the lyrics really rang true:
Oh, oh, when we come together
No matter the weather
We gonna love each other till the end of time (whoa, oh, oh)

If we all went through life with this attitude we might always have a good time, rain or shine.


Photo Credit: Jono Greenway

Want to get to know the duo better? Check out the short Q&A sesh we did with Goldfish a few years ago.

Jono Greenway Photography

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