Skabenga – by Mandy Brockbank

Local Celeb Cat Skabenga – Poses For Portraits

The well loved Royal Resident Feline at The Oyster Box, Skabenga has made Umhlanga’s ‘grand old dame’ his permanent home for many years – more than we know. Since his arrival he has made himself quite at home. He laps up the luxury of The Oyster Box and of course all the attention visitors to the hotel give him.

If you manage to pop into The Oyster Box at any given time you are sure to see Skabenga stretched the length of himself. In the entrance to the hotel, on loungers by the pool, on his favourite chair… anywhere of his choosing. He is Royalty after all.  

On one occasion, I have (admittedly) searched high and low for him and may (or may not) have posed for selfies.

Posing for portraits

Local artist Mandy Brockbank has painted some uniquely beautiful acrylic canvas portraits of our dear Skabenga. These are currently available for sale at The Oyster Box. The portraits depict Skabenga going about his daily (and very important) cat-business at the hotel.

If you are not familiar with the name Mandy Brockbank, we suggest you memorize it. This year she has showcased her works at the ECR House and Garden Show and been commissioned both locally and internationally to paint various murals, bespoke shop walls and believe it or not one-of-a-kind furniture!

Mandy paints on everything paint sticks to. Her works are alive with colour, refreshing, unique and not to mention, the woman has talent! If you are looking for something unique and special for your home or office get in touch with Mandy (details at the end of this article).

Skabenga – by Mandy Brockbank

Posing for the Cats of Durban Calendar

Skabenga is a celebrity in his own right with his own dedicated Facebook page.

This year he had his very own Safari themed birthday bash and has also posed for the Cats of Durban 2019‘Working Cats’ calendar. This calendar is filled with spectacular images of “working cats” uniquely captured by photographer Brendan Bromfield.

All the proceeds from the sale of these calendars will be donated to NPO Cats of Durban, who sterilise stray / feral cats and help educate the community!

We at Durbanite love Skabenga and look forward to keeping up to date on his adventures in 2019 and of course having a few cocktails at The Lighthouse Bar while we stalk him secretly.

We also hope to see local and lekker talents like Mandy Brockbank becoming household names. 

Contact info.

The Oyster Box: +27 31 514 5000

Mandy Brockbank: +27 83 991 3936