REVIEW: Bespoke Hair Salon

The word Bespoke is usually defined as ‘made to order’, or specifically tailored to a person – and the name suits the salon perfectly.

I was recently treated to a hair makeover at Bespoke Hair. Upon arrival, the knowledgeable staff members were ready to tackle any request I had, all while adding their expert opinion too! It felt incredibly personal and I didn’t feel like I was just another number in the salon.

Everyone in the salon were so welcoming and I felt excited just stepping into the place! The salon is situated within the lion match factory complex, with great security check points, leaving me feeling at ease knowing my car would be safe.

The salon itself is beautiful and very tidy – which pleased my slight OCD. The high ceilings and open atrium made the atmoshere light and inviting. With a trendy vibe and a high level of professionalism, I knew I was in good hands! Normally I feel overwhelmed with the idea of getting my hair cut, but in this case the friendly faces and proficient layout of the salon made me feel so relaxed.

Before & After

Claire Swart, the expert hair colourist, was the stylist who would be doing my hair. She has been in the industry for 20 years and is extremely well informed with all of the hair products and procedures. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my hair, except that I needed to remove my terrible split-ends. Just looking at my hair for just a moment, Claire knew exactly what needed to be done. We started by adding some colour to my hair, and being a proud natural redhead, I was a little hesitant to add colour at first. Claire managed to add highlights to my hair in such a way that it enhanced my natural colour, as opposed to covering it up! 

The wonderful ladies at the sink washed my hair (the head massage is my favourite part) before we got rid of my pesky split-ends. Claire added depth and volume to my hair, while showing off the new colour as well. I walked out of the salon with the biggest smile on my face, feeling like a brand new person!

I highly recommend Bespoke hair salon – what a wonderful place!

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