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Two Durbanites Launch TM Signs in Durban North

Meet the team behind TM Signs, a husband and wife duo!

TM Signs

With both having studied graphic design back in 2006, where they found jobs in opposite industries. Nadine was in banking and Ricardo has been in corporate signage & branding ever since.

This year they’ve teamed up to open TM Signs in Durban North. The feel behind it to assist both commercial and residential clients with any digital printing, branding, manufacturing etc.
TM Signs are also family friendly, with design development for kids bedrooms, parties, school requirements and much more.

Whatever it may be, the sky’s their limit!


We sat down with Nadine Moodley to ask her a few questions about TM Signs:

1) TM Signs is a family owned business. How does this help your brand?
We feel a husband and wife team is something powerful in the business world. We refer to ourselves now, as the “Dynamic Duo.” Also being family owned, we can be an inspiration to others.
Being family owned also makes us more approachable to customers unlike many corporate companies that have so many channels one has to go through.

2) Where did the name TM Signs come from?
Our 4 year old son, Tyric Mason was our inspiration behind our company brand!
Tyric, someone who is creative & imaginative. Mason, someone of strength and who builds from.

TM Signs

3) Can you customise anything?
We design, conceptualise, manufacture and install signage, with their production capabilities extending to light boxes, fabricated letters, signboards, banners, and custom made products. We are about providing innovative, cost effective and quality branded solutions to companies and residence nationwide. Being family friendly, we have a kid of our own so understand kids parties are huge and parents look for banners, and personalised party printables, all of which we are able to help with.

4) How can we contact you?
Email us on or visit us on Facebook

5) What makes TM Signs proudly Durbanite?
We just love Durban. We have been raised here, studied here, and are now proud business owners of this beautiful city!

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