Hooked onto Afrihooked

Durbanite recently met up with local designer, Yurika of Afrihooked.

Afrihooked is known for making unique crocheted items from materials that are all locally sourced and produced, ranging from surfboard covers, handbags, sunglasses pouches, to pet beds. The surfboard covers are custom-made to fit the customer’s shortboard, and made from locally sourced, funky t-shirt yarn.
The products are geared towards adventurous individuals who love to travel and explore, and every item is inspired by Africa.

We chatted to her to find out more:

1) Tell us more about yourself as owner and designer?
I live in Hermanus, Western Cape (just moved from Durban). I love to read, and have a great love of nature. When I’m not crocheting for AfriHooked, I’m a Researcher for wildlife film and documentary filmmaking.
As owner of Afrihooked, I spend a good deal of time brainstorming product ideas and sourcing the best yarn for the items I make. A lot of research and legwork goes into a product – I even dream of patterns and yarn at night!
I design all my own patterns, figuring them out until the early hours with lots of coffee by my side. Everything in my shop is unique and well thought-through, and each pattern has hours or days of trying and testing behind it.

2) When did Afrihooked start?
I started crocheting when I was 10 years old, but I guess that doesn’t count… After making so many things for myself and my household, and after much prodding from friends and family, I finally decided this year to start selling my products to the public. It’s all very new and exciting! The online shop is just over 3 months old now, and has starting selling recently. Offline, I have a long list of requests coming in – which is fantastic! I have also just opened up the store to stockists who would like to sell the products in their stores.

3) What’s the inspiration behind the name?
Well, I have a great passion for our continent – its landscapes, people, and animals. I love travelling to different African countries, and the many stunning parts of our country. Every item is inspired by something that Africa has to offer. And I love crochet. And you use a hook to crochet, so… 🙂

4) What makes your brand different?
The AfriHooked brand represents my interpretation of our continent, with its atmospheres and character. I make things that I want to own myself. Also, the slogan – Live the Safari – encourages the customer to experience these places for themselves. To carry the spirit of adventure with them, or to add it to their everyday life. The items I make are not meant to be merely used, but to put a smile on the owner’s face whenever they see it, to remind them of beautiful places full of promise.
Oh, and did I mention every item is customizable according to colour?

5) How can we order your products?
Visit the AfriHooked store on Etsy here:
Potential stockists are welcome to send me an email at for a price list. The platform accepts all major credit cards through a linked PayPal account – setup is easy if you don’t have one yet! But if you experience any issues, please contact Yurika at

6) Do you have any advice for aspiring designers?
Don’t underestimate the skill that goes into your craft. You can make something that most people can’t. Hone your skill – learn from others and experiment. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. Just go for it!

Don’t forget – Durbanites get a further 10% off when making an order from Afrihooked! Just use the code, Durbanite10 at checkout.

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