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Local Business Feature: Drawing Services

We at Durbanite love to support local and lekker, and what is more local and lekker than Durban-owned businesses…? We love to see our fellow Durbanites succeeding in their chosen fields and this week we are excited to feature a father-daughter team from a local architect company called Drawing Services.

What do they do (?) you ask… well these are the guys who help turn your dreams into a reality!  They draw up the plans for any alterations or additions to buildings, granny flats, decking, boundary walls, plans for new buildings or homes, arrange approval of illegal existing structures and ensure the new structures are legal and approved by the Municipality Building Authorities and so much more!

About the team:

Herve started his career in the 1970s as a Fire Protection Engineer, providing plans for fire protection systems.  In his spare time he’d assist family, friends and acquaintances with architectural house plans.  Little did he know he’d end up doing it as a full time career forty years later as the demand for building plans grew.  He applied for his Professional Architectural Draughtsman registration with the SA Council of Architectural Professionals and in 2007 he contacted his daughter, Caryn to join the team! Their combined skills (with Caryn’s IT background) has allowed them to shift out of “old school”, hand drawn plans to CAD software and computer design, providing a higher quality, faster and more efficient service.

Drawing Services Team - Caryn and Herve

Drawing Services Team – Caryn and Herve

How it works:

Once you have contacted Drawing Services with your inquiry, they will offer you a free site visit to discuss the proposed project and view the property.  A quote is then given and if accepted, plan compilation begins.  Once the client is 100% happy with the design, the completed plans are submitted to the relevant Municipality Planning Departments and/or Heritage Society. Drawing Services are hands on and run with the plan throughout the entire process – until it is approved and ready for hand over to the client to commence their project.

So, if you have dreams you want to turn into a reality, consider supporting Drawing Services, a local Durban based business. Contact info:

Email: plans@axxess.co.za  / Tel: 084 606 9119 / 031 462 3800.

Alternately go check out their Website or Facebook pages.

Drawing Services at work

Drawing Services at work

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