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Darsini Moodley of Tada Creations

We chatted to Darsini Moodley, the entrepreneur behind Tada Creations.

1) Tell us a bit about yourself
My name is Darsini. I’m 25 years old. I completed my studies in Brand Management 3 years ago. I have always been the creative-junky in the family. Ever since I was little, I use to enjoy making all sorts of things, such as cards and jewellery. As I grew older, I decided to turn my craft-making passion into a business.
My sister, Thanisa, who is my business-partner, is 19 years old. She does the marketing for Tada Creations. She is currently a BCOM Marketing student. She is a total fashionista, and contributes great ideas to our designs.

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2) What inspired Tada Creations?

I have always been attracted to unique jewellery and accessories. However, they were too expensive and way out of my budget. That’s when I decided that the only way I will be able to own/afford unique accessories is if I made them myself. I figured that others may appreciate affordable accessories too, that is when I decided to sell my creations.

3) Why the name, Tada Creations?

The name “TADA” is a collaboration of my sisters and my name. TA stands for Thanisa. DA stands for Darsini. The word “TADA” symbolises the revelation of a surprise or impressive entrance, which in this case we refer to our unique creations.

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4) Where and how can people buy your jewellery?

We currently have a Facebook Page where people can view and order our products online. We are available at fleamarkets in and around the Durban area. Our customers will be notified when we are at a particular fleamarket via our Facebook page.

5) What makes it different and unique?
All pieces are unique. We do not make them in bulk. We do repeat designs, however we make a few of each design and are constantly thinking up new ways to improve or add new touches. Our accessories aren’t found at normal retail stores. Each and every product has that creative and unique touch.

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6) What makes you Proudly Durbanite?

I love bunny-chows !!!

7) Name your top 3 favourite Durban hangouts.

The Book Boutique on the South Coast of KZN for their scrumptious cakes, cappuccino and cozy ambience. Gateway Shopping mall because I love shopping and the Illovo Beach because it’s, beautiful, untapped and the perfect beach to take my dog for a swim.

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8) How can we find your brand online?
Currently, you can find us on my Facebook page called “Tada Creations”. The link is

9) What message do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?
Turning what you love doing into a business is natural motivation for you to wakeup every morning and get going!

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