Sane Botique

Need a Designer? #DurbaniteWeddings

Sanè is a local and very lekker up and coming designer who describes her creations as chic and in vogue functional and bespoke . She has the beauty, the brains and the talent to match.

I have worked with Sanè before and so when it came to finding someone to make something unique for my bridesmaids to wear for the BIG day; I just knew she was the one to call up. And so right I was. Without hesitation Sanè accepted the challenge I put forward to her… to dress my 8 (yes, you read correctly… E.I.G.H.T) bridesmaids!

I had a look in mind, found a pattern (with the help of my Aunt), showed it to Sanè and before I knew it we were meeting at two specific fabric shops to look at specific materials which would work with the pattern – there was no wasting time looking at material that just wouldn’t work!

I went in with an open mind as to colours and patterns and am so glad I did as we found a pallet which I never considered before! It worked out so well and couldn’t be more perfect and so, we bought the material then and there. Sanè expertly chose the correct cottons and zips to match and we were out of the shops before you could say, “I DO!”

Sane and I

Sane and I

We will get to know Sanè a bit more in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out but for now here is a flyer on her next event where she will be showcasing some unique designs.


If you don’t know anyone in the industry and are looking for someone trustworthy to create something unique or tried and tested for you, someone who is firm but understanding, fashionable, young and pretty darn cool… Sanè is the lady for you! I cannot wait to see her creations come alive!

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