You’ve already hauled out your takkies and rounded up your crew. Now here are 10 ways to prep for KZN’s most walked-about event – the Discovery East Coast Radio Big Walk on 24 May 2015:

1) Don’t do too much too soon. Talk to your doctor first before starting a new fitness programme, especially if you haven’t exercised for a long time

2) Step into the right gear. Correct walking shoes are light and fit comfortably. Walking long distances can put strain on different parts of your body, so it’s good to invest in quality footwear for both your training and the walk.

3) Dress smart. Wear comfortable, light, breathable clothes to avoid chafing.

4) Tank up. Hydrate well and make sure you eat something an hour before you train or do the walk.

5) Pace yourself. Walk at a brisk pace to elevate your heart rate, but stay in a comfortable walking pace where you can still talk and not gasp for air.

6) Chin up! Maintain good posture during your walk. Keep your chest up to avoid slouching.

7) Don’t forget to stretch. Make sure you add stretching to your training. Stretching helps to promote muscle recovery after training, so don’t forget to stretch after you train or do the walk and drink more water.

8) Apply the 10% rule for progression. Increase you weekly mileage/time with 10% and only once you feel stronger and are pain free form any injuries.

9) See a pro. If you have any injuries or if you are sore from walking for longer than 48 hours go see a health professional who can help you get your body biomechanically balanced to prevent you from creating any compensation patterns that could result in more complicated injuries.

10) Don’t do solo. If you just can’t get going with your training schedule, find a walking buddy or join a club!

Entries for the Discovery East Coast Radio Big Walk close on 30 April 2015. You can register for the 5km, 10km, 15km or the timed 20km distances at selected Totalsports stores or you can sign up at a reduced rate, online at www.ecr.co.za



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