8 expert tips to make this your best walk yet!

The takkies are ready; your crew is excited; and the countdown to Sunday’s Discovery East Coast Radio Big Walk! KZN health and fitness fundi, Lisa Raleigh, has this advice on how to make this your best walk yet:

Eat your last full meal approximately 12 hours before your start time. This is not the time for heavy, fat-laden or carb-free meals. Simply opt for a balanced meal that’s easy to digest. Grilled fish, veggies and sweet potato are a great choice.

There’s no need for a heavy breakfast on Sunday morning. Bigger meals can take up to an hour and a half to digest, demanding your body’s digestive attention. If you feel you must have more than a snack, make sure to eat at least an hour and a half before race time.

Small and nutrient-dense snacks are ideal. A poached egg on a small piece of rye, a little yoghurt and a banana, or a small bowl of oats topped with raw nuts are great snacking options. And what should you give a miss? Processed, fried and fatty foods.

Watch your water intake. Stick to your recommended daily consumption the day before your walk, drinking on an hourly basis. On Sunday, drink two glasses of water roughly two hours before the start, to allow it enough time to pass through your system.

At the start line, don’t bounce! Whilst your feet should be rotating in a circular motion, take care to move low and forward, making an effort not to lose precious energy “bouncing” up and down.

Be mindful of your posture. Try not to lean back while you move. Keep your body positioned slightly ahead of your feet. Your head should be comfortable, with your shoulders straight and not rounded.

Relax your hands when running or power walking. It may sound silly, but many runners unconsciously clench their hands into fists while they move, causing unwanted tension to the body. Looser hands will guarantee a less stressful stride.

Most of all, have fun! The Discovery East Coast Radio Big Walk is a great way to get some exercise while spending quality time with those you care about.

The Discovery East Coast Radio Big Walk is the chance to get in some exercise while enjoying the best promenade in the country. It’s a chance to spend quality time with the family, or play catch-up with friends or bond with your colleagues. All four distances, 5km, 10km, 15km and 20km, will start at uShaka Marine World and will end at People’s Park, Moses Mabhida Stadium.

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