Corner Bakery and Equatorial Coffee at Ster Kinekor

Thanks to Corner Bakery and Equatorial Coffee, you can now sip on a hot cup of coffee and enjoy a muffin or two, while watching a movie at Ster-kinekor!

About Corner Bakery

Corner Bakery is South Africa’s fastest growing bakery franchise group who not only have arguably the best pies but also their Equatorial Coffee counter. Equatorial Coffee uses only the finest Arabica and Robusta beans from all along the equator – Brazil, Guatemala, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Equatorial Coffee and Ster-Kinekor

The brand has recently been given a dedicated space in the foyer of Ster-Kinekor at Gateway Theatre of shopping, set up with a Coffee Counter with a barista offering. The unique and tasty Gourmet (Infused) Muffin range from Corner Bakery has slowly been introduced to the mix, creating a bundle for movie fans looking for a rather warm, premium drink and snack.

We recently visited Sterkinekor at Gateway to watch the new Angel Has Fallen movie. Instead of ordering the usual popcorn and a cooldrink, it was such a treat to take advantage of their R60 combo for a gourmet muffin and a coffee.

The best part? You get brought your coffee and muffin just as the movie starts which feels like a proper dining experience!

We both ordered the caramel fudge muffin which was INCREDIBLE! It was warm upon arrival and just melted in your mouth.

Let’s not forget about the experience at the Prestige. I love the Prestige for its small cinemas and super comfortable recliner chairs. It really feels like you’re at home, lying on your couch and watching TV! If you’ve never been to the Prestige before, it’s a must! Don’t forget to order the coffee and muffin combo next time you’re at Ster-Kinekor!


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