Durban High School’s Seabrooke’s Theatre to host the Shakespeare Schools Festival!

On 22 & 23 May, 2015, Seabrooke’s Theatre at Durban High School will be hosting the Shakespeare Schools Festival South Africa from 7pm.

The Shakespeare Schools Festival South Africa was initiated and coordinated by Educape, with the aim of providing an equal opportunity where there are no boundaries for participation and is a fantastic opportunity for youth seeking opportunities to explore their potential in a fun and developmental way. The festival will be in its fifth consecutive season and has reached over 1000 high school learners and educators in the Western Cape, Gauteng, Eastern Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal Provinces.

“The dramatic increase in feedback compared to previous year’s shows that more participants than before are beginning to realise that access to the arts is a fundamental human right and that theatre can contribute significantly to human development and motivation”, says Kseniya Filinova-Bruton, Festival Director for the Shakespeare Schools Festival South Africa. “We believe that unless children are given the opportunity to fall in love with the theatre experience at an early age, we will have no theatre industry in the future”, concluded Kseniya.

Tickets cost R50 per person and will be sold at the door.

For more information on the festival or to book tickets, please contact the Festival Director, Kseniya Filinova-Bruton on