MUST DO: Hot Air Ballooning SA

You always see it in the movies, so it was an incredible treat when we got to go in a hot air balloon with Hot Air Ballooning SA.

hot air ballooning sa

It was crisp and dark as we drove from Durban to the midlands where the launching was to take place.
We arrived 15 minutes earlier which didn’t bother Ann Cook (one of the Hot Air Ballooning SA owners.) She offered us tea and coffee, along with some biscuits which made the wait bearable in the cold.

As others arrived, we watched as they started to prepare the balloon for flight.

hot air ballooning sa

It was fascinating to see the balloon come to life and get inflated, eventually tipping upright.

hot air ballooning sa

Watching the preparation in getting the hot air balloon ready, it made us realise how much effort goes into ensuring that the flight is as safe as possible.

hot air ballooning sa

It was now ready to board our flight, but how do we get in?
It’s easier than it looks – the basket has holes on the sides for your feet to climb into with ease.

We jumped in and listened to our pilot, Warwick Cook as he explained the do’s and don’t’s during the flight.

It was then time for take off!

hot air ballooning sa

We were in awe as we floated away gently… Not even a jerk as one would expect.
We waved goodbye to the team as we watched them get smaller and smaller.

hot air ballooning sa

The entire experience was incredibly beautiful. There’s nothing quite like being high in the air, and spotting animals running around, looking like tiny ants!
It’s really something we won’t forget.


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