Nitro Circus Live – Interviews


Q: Classic ringleaders use a whip, what do you use to keep all the stunt people in line?
A: The Nitro Circus crew are some of the most driven and enthusiastic personalities you will ever see. My only real job is to talk people down from doing something that is outside of their ability level. Unfortunately, what i say doesn’t hold much clout because I push myself and get hurt as much as anyone else on tour!

Q: An odd one: If you could lock three cast members in a room for a day and tease/ torment them, who would it be and what would you do?
A: Bilko, Dusty and Godfrey.  Bilko never shuts up, Dusty has horrible adhd and Greg likes to wrestle people when he gets bored (and he gets bored easily). First I would put Some hot girls on the outside of the window so we could hear hours of bad bilko pick up lines. Then I would put 2 paint ball guns in the room for them to fight over and shoot each other withwhen they got bored.. Then a tazer gun (dusty has an above average fear of electricity)  Then I would put some super hot curry as a lunch meal and say whoever ate it fastest would be let free. They all hate weird and or spicy food.

Q: What car do you drive? What car do you want to drive?
A: I try to stick to trucks because I have a bad habit of driving too fast when I drive cars. I have a subaru sti and that’s pretty much what I would want..  Although I do think it would be cool to get a ferrari f50 and hook up a trailer hitch to tow a motorcycle trailer to the race track!



Q: What’s the next thing on your bucket list i.e. what would you really like to get done before shuffling off the mortal coil.
A: I have a couple BASE jumping projects I’m looking forward too.  One of them is  to build a similar ramp as our Giganta Ramp on the edge of an 800ft cliff so we can BASE jump some of the contraptions we use in the Live Show.

Q: How have you or would you impress a girl on the first date?
A: I think being straight-forward and yourself is the best thing for a first date. Too many people try to be something they’re not. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.

Q: If you could be any age for a week, what would it be and why?
A: I’d be 24 again…because I’d have things like cartilage and less metal in my body.

Q: Top video game of all time?
A: Big Buck Hunter




Q: You’re coming off a major North American tour. How excited are you to be coming to South Africa for the first time?
A: I’m super excited to come to SA ! I love marking places I’ve been off my map and Africa is definitely next on my list!

Q: Has South Africa always been a country the group were keen to visit?
A:Yeah, We all love going to different countries and seeing how the crowd responds to the show, its always lots of fun.

Q:What year was the first ever Nitro Circus tour to Australia? Since then, is it a case of the stars aligning in terms of the South African event finally coming to fruition this year?
A: The first Nitro tour was in 2010, and when it first started I don’t know if we ever expected it to grow so big.  In the last couple of years we have toured Australia, New Zealand, Europe, China and North America so the time is definitely right to bring the show to South African fans for the first time.

Q:South Africa have a growing following when it comes to action sports but ball sports such as soccer, cricket and especially rugby are still very much the most popular in the country. Aside from thrilling spectators, do you hope to help boost interest in action sports in South Africa through your three events?
A:Of course, we love bringing more attention to the action sports scene.  Fans will get to see 40 of the worlds best action sports athletes from around the world performing the craziest stunts in the one show.  It’s going to be unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.  And me specifically, I’d love to give WCMX (Wheelchair MotoX) more exposure!

Q:What are most looking forward to about visiting the warm coastal strip of Durban and performing at Moses Mabhida Stadium?
A: That pretty much sums it up haha. Warm, Coastal, Africa, boom sounds good to me.

Q: What makes a Nitro Circus event so unique and such a popular spectacle in your opinion?
A: Well, you don’t usually see the world’s biggest tricks in FMX, BMX, WCMX, SKATE all in one place, but some how with these shows, we have managed to gather ALL of the gnarliest and most skilled athletes and brought them into one show!

Q: Will the likes of Nitro Circus originals like Travis Pastrana, Jolene van Vugt, Greg “Special Greg” Powell, and Streetbike Tommy and others such as Chad Kagy and Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham all be in action (especially in Durban)?
A: Yes, we’ll be bringing the full touring party with us. Look out south Africa!

Q: Cam Sinclair is known for his ability to do the double backflip. Will he be pulling it in Durban, or if he’s set to miss the tour, is there another athlete who may look to pull it?
A: Cam Sinclair hasn’t performed the double backflip for a couple of years now since he won the Gold Medal at X games.  Josh Sheehan is currently the only person in the world performing the double backflip, he will be travelling on this tour so you’ll have to get your tickets and come see for yourself.

Q: The awe-inspiring tricks performed during the show are well documented but what can Durban fans expect as a whole come February 19?
A: This tour is the biggest and craziest action sports production ever staged. Fans can expect to see everything from kids’ trikes, snow skis, tandem bikes and razor scooters to shopping carts, a Barbie car and even a cooler launched off the Gigant-A-Ramp.  As well as the best riders in FMX, BMX and skate.

Q: And finally, are there any plans to incorporate something unique to South Africa or possibly debuting new tricks in the Durban event?
A: That’s the best part about a Nitro Circus Live show, it changes every single time we go out and perform!  We’ll definitely have some special new tricks for south African fans, you’ll just have to come out and see them for yourself.

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