NOW OPEN: Brainstorm Escape Rooms

Brainstorm Escape Rooms is Durban’s newest live action puzzle game!
Have you got what it takes to escape in just under 60 minutes?

Step back in time and change history, locked in one of their fully kitted out themed rooms for 60 minutes. Crack the codes, decipher the riddles, find the keys, connect the puzzles and escape while ultimately beating the clock!

Co-founders, Clint and Chelsea were visiting friends in Johannesburg when they decided to try something “different.” After searching online, they came across an “escape room” game and thought they would give it a try. Since then, they were hooked!

Brainstorm Escape Rooms

Co-founders, Clint & Chelsea.

“From then on we could not stop talking about it and knew we had to do something like that here in Durban, but better! We researched themes and ideas and planned day in and out until we were happy with clever puzzles and interesting games that would captivate our audience.

All we had to do now is make this dream a reality. We chose the two themes “Saving Sherlock” and “Cabin In The Woods” as we wanted two very separate ideas and separate sort of games and features in the two rooms. We had all our games made up to our exact requirements and tried and tested everything until we were happy, (We are still working on “Cabin In The Woods” which should be up and ready soon!)”

Brainstorm Escape Rooms

After many bumps along the way with finding the correct people and companies to help create what Clint and Chelsea envisioned, everything finally fell into place.

“Now that we have opened the room, “Saving Sherlock”, we are able to watch customers thoroughly enjoying themselves in the room and really experience the excitement that we imagined and wanted them to feel. We are now on the road to advertising our company and want to tell everyone about Escape Rooms by getting people to understand what they are and how much fun can be had in just 60 minutes with friends, family and co-workers.

We want to try and get Durbanites out and about and trying something new, taking their minds off the day to day stress and diving head first into another time – solving riddles, finding clues and keys to ultimately unlock the mystery and the way out the room in a mind provoking, adrenaline filled mental challenge meant for everyone!

So far, we have had great feedback and would love to get the public to experience the fun, as we have had making these Escape Rooms for them.”

Brainstorm Escape Rooms

Cabin in the Woods will be opening in October around the 20th (Date subject to change, but keep an eye out on their FB page!)

Bookings can be done online through the website: www.brainstormescaperooms.co.za
There’s a safe and secure online payment portal with Payfast.
Alternatively, customers can call and book telephonically on: 061 154 8290

Brainstorm Escape Rooms is the ONLY escape room in Durban where the entire room has been designed and created by Clint and Chelsea – locally produced.

If you’re looking for something fun and different, then you should go and experience a truly mind blowing escape room adventure at Brainstorm Escape Rooms!


We sent a team from Durbanite to check out what the fuss was all about at Brainstorm Escape Rooms.

“When we arrived, it was a bit of a puzzle trying to find the actual place itself, because of our poor navigational skills! We laughed it off as we eventually found Brainstorm Escape Rooms.
Entering the room, we were greeted with bright hues of yellow and blue – the main colours from their logo!

We were offered drinks and sat down in the lounge, trying out small puzzles while Clint gave us the lowdown on what to expect – without giving too much away.

Brainstorm Escape Rooms

Our team from Durbanite

We couldn’t wait to try out the game, so we left our drinks, packed away our bags along with our cellphones and were escorted into, what Clint and Chelsea referred to as the “Pre-Game Room”.
This, as we were told is a very new, unique and a first for escape rooms in SA, where the storyline behind why you are here and your mission at hand is no longer read out to you, but instead you experience an audio clip to set the scene. Sounds and voices coming through the speakers to really let your mind wonder and imagination take over to build anticipation for the challenge ahead.

So Chelsea told us to have fun, closed the door, checked we were alright, leaving us in a room with the lights off while we listened to the voice-over introduction.

When the voice-over ended, the door in front of us opened automatically and we rushed in to start the game.

It was amazing to see how our team of 5 worked together to solve the puzzles. We managed to escape with just over a minute to spare!
We all couldn’t stop talking about the experience afterwards, and noticed how each member played an important role in our success.

We can’t wait for the next room to be complete!”


The Breakdown