Salon Prive: Suncoast Casino Durban

The Salon Prive is an exclusive gambling lounge that has been re-envisioned by the Tsogo sun Group.
Durbanite was invited to attend the opening, where the opulence and exclusivity of the Salon Prive was revealed to the public.

Beautifully crafted confectionaries, fresh juices and baristas crafting caffeinated beverages, awaited the guests on arrival.
South Aftrica’s elite attended to event, aligning the calibre to be expected at the Salon Prive. The 1.6-billion-Rand upgrade of the Suncoast establishment began in 2008. Currently there is much visible construction and development and the Salon Prive is the one of the first finished upgrades.

The Salon Prive is open to all high-stake members of the Tsogo Sun group who wish to leverage larger potential rewards.
Larger minimum bids and higher wins are the name of the game for those who enter the Salon Prive. Exclusivity, opulence and the thrill of the higher stakes call to the high society lending to the days gone by of “The Great Gatsby”. As you enter the Salon Prive you are immediately transported to a time by where you expect to bump into the likes of Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan. The décor and the immaculate craftsmanship are uncompromising and elude the common trend throughout the Salon Prive.

The Investment into Durban’s Golden Mile and Suncoast as a key player in this rejuvenation is heavily praised by Government. The investment has supported local job creation and looks to revitalise investor confidence in Durban and surrounds. Increased number of slot machines and tables on the main floor have forced Tsogo sun to move the Salon Prive to a new location.

The launch of the revised Salon Prive has marked a significant step in the overhaul of the Suncoast premises. The casino hopes to complete all renovations by the end of the year to accommodate renowned Durban Summer season.

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