5 Things To Do Before You Go To Splashy Fen

Heading to Splashy Fen this year?
Here’s 5 things you should do before you go, thanks to Jason Lee McCall.

1. Make a playlist.

Make a playlist of as many acts playing as possible and listen to it all. At gym. At home. On the way to Splashy.
A rookie error I have made is not knowing (and therefore under appreciating) many of the band’s songs.

2. Plan a food attack.

I am a big fan of the Braai but at 8pm after a long day in the sun. I want to be given food rather than make it. There is an incredible variety of food available you can actually have quite the gastronomical journey without hitting the same highway twice.

3. Get stretchers over an inflatable bed.

Trust me on this one 12 inflatable meltdowns in a row taught me a lesson about reliability. ( They are dirt cheap from Makro at the moment.)

4. Pack snacks.

A meander is best enjoyed with a rest on a rock snacking on some good old strange flavoured snack. ( dry stuff/non cold products have always been my favourite. Healthy or not)

5. Man bag/ pouch.

Trust me on this one. You want to jave hands free but also keep keys/wallet/pocket torch at hand)

🎵There are loads of tips around I am sure but these have always helped me make the most of the best festival in SA.🎵

Bonus tip: double up on shoes and socks.

If it rains you wanna stomp out – short length gumboots over the long ones prevent the shin rash thing that can happen too.

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