The Holiday Express Media 17Nov2017 LRWM-53

All Aboard for Salt Rock on The Holiday Express

200 excited guests recently boarded The Holiday Express train at the Premier Lounge, Durban Station, bound for the Salt Rock Hotel.

Expertly attended to by the friendly cabin crew, the guests got to sit back, relax and unwind with a cold beer or two, wine or a coffee en route to Umhlali Station. The music that played throughout the train, as well as the on-camera interviews during the trip, ensured that the guests were on top form!

The aeroplane-like reclining seats in the train allowed for maximum comfort, and the fold-out tables easily accommodated the snacks and drinks on offer. There were even plug points for the charging of laptops and cell phones, but this was a party train, with only fun and games planned for the day.

On arrival at the station in Umhlali, guests were taken to Salt Rock Hotel via coaches. On arrival, they were met by the East Coast Radio Breakfast Team (Darren, Keri and Sky) who convinced them to part with their cash for Toy Story. The chance to Dunk a DJ at only R20 for three shots proved very popular, and more than R2,000 was raised for Toy Story within an hour. One of the bosses was brave enough to volunteer to be dunked too, and was a great sport! Even Angela Whittle, the brainchild behind The Holliday Express, was brave enough to volunteer to be dunked into the icy tank.

Adele Benvie and The Success Company team ensured that the guests were kept busy with beach soccer and volleyball, as well as various quiz games, which made for much competitiveness and some sneaky cheating and Googling of answers.

A buffet lunch braai was enjoyed by all, and then it was time to head back to the train to get back to Durban. Sadly, all good things must come to an end.

One of the guests has this to say about the event: “We are a tough crowd to please and every year I dread planning the year-end function, as some will be happy and others will complain. Honestly, this is the first year, in 10 years that I have been doing the functions for the company, that every staff member was satisfied!”

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