Dance Away at Secret Sunrise

By now, you have probably heard of Secret Sunrise, if not, then where have you been?

We chatted to Jane Shaw to find out more about Durban’s most loved craze!

D: What is Secret Sunrise all about?

J: Secret Sunrise is about letting go, having fun and dancing the sun up into the sky!
The essence of Secret sunrise is to have people celebrate the rising sun from various secret venues in the city. The silent headphones and instructors provide the space for people to connect, love and engage in radical self expression all to share compassion, kindness and of course joy. What I love about it is that you are locked into your own world while you’re wearing the headsets. There is zero judgement, just joy while you’re following some guided instructions and celebrating your ability to move. It’s all inclusive, and you could be dancing next to someone who has R50 left in their account, or a millionaire, and you’ll never know because we are all equal in a safe space.

D: When did it start?
J: Secret Sunrise started in Cape Town in 2015 by the guys from No Danger Diaries. It then moved to Joburg, and to Durban in March 2016 when I bought the franchise and I’ve been running it since May last year.

D: How did they come up with the idea? What was their objective?
J: While the guys were in Zambia doing charity work for No Danger Diaries, they wanted to all listen to the same song and dance the sun up. One morning they decided to all set their iPods to the same song, and they did just that. The feeling they had from all doing the same moves, to the same song, while the sun was rising was so powerful they just needed to share it. So Secret Sunrise was born!

D: Who is the founder? Tell us more about them?
J: The guys from No Danger Diaries founded Secret Sunrise, and it’s through their love of yoga, dance and the magic of Sunrise that this incredible concept has been brought to life. There is such an incredible feeling of magic in the air during a Secret Sunrise event, that you can’t help but feel grateful for being alive another day.

D: Can anyone come to a Secret Sunrise event?
J: Absolutely anyone! Whether you can dance or not, it’s about moving your body in a way that feels natural to you, not necessarily what everyone else is doing. This is your time to express yourself in your way. We have 3 year olds up to 83 year olds! Everyone who wants to take part, can and should.

D: Do you do Secret Sunsets for the “lazy” ones?
J: We do Secret Sunsets yes 🙂 We like to say it’s for the not-so-early-birds. We also do a Saturday morning and we have just launched a Sunday morning for those that are busy on a Saturday. We are also toying with the idea of an 8am Start for some events as well.

D: Are babies allowed?
J: Babies are definitely invited and we have had many a baby strapped to their parent’s chest.

D: Could charities get involved?
J: We offer Charity fundraisers as well as school fundraisers as well! We know how hard it is to raises funds, but with Secret Sunrise it is a fun way to raise funds in an hour where people feel like they’re getting value back as well. Please email durban@secretsunrise.com to get in touch for these events.

D: When is the next one, and how do we buy tickets?
J: Our next event is on 30 September, and is in partnership with Project Dog. Follow Secret Sunrise on Facebook to keep up to date with all of the details, and how to purchase your tickets!


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