The Lockdown LIVE with Splashy Fen

Introducing The Lockdown LIVE with Splashy Fen!

Taking place this coming Thursday the 9th, Friday the 10th and Saturday the 11th of April, the Lockdown LIVE is a 3-day virtual Splashy Fen Music Festival, which fans can watch online and enjoy from the comfort of their homes.

Over the course of the 3 days fans can enjoy a carefully curated selection of amazing LIVE music, streamed from each musician’s home or private studio – artists like Goldfish, Veranda Panda, Goodluck, Donovan Copley from Hot Water, Gary Nixon from the Kickstands, Steve Umculo, Freddy-L … and more will be performing LIVE to all Splashy Fen fans this weekend.

But of course there is more than just LIVE music… find your zen with a 9 am yoga class on Friday or get the blood pumping with a fitness coach on Thursday and Saturday. Learn deliciously healthy plant-based recipes, entertain the kiddies with an Arts & Craft session on Friday at 10 am, or be entertained with LIVE comedy from East Coast Radios Darren Maule, Neil Green and Rory Petzer. Fans can also sit back and watch a series of festival and music tributes that take a look behind the scenes, and some proudly South African content that is sure to bring a happy tear to your eye.

Then comes the real heart-to-hearts as our festival director Stu Berry goes ON AIR with a number of guests; talking about Splashy Fen, why music matters and other entertaining topics. The ever-charismatic Jane Linley Thomas kicks off these ON AIR chats on Thursday at 11 am. Following that will be Splashy Fen’s very own Creative Director, Fuzzy van Rensburg who talks to us about building the Splashy Fen site; Jeremy Loops, Liam Magner from Veranda Panda, Australian performers from 2019 Juzzie Smith and The Pierce Brothers, as well as the 2020 Headlining act Coleman Hell.

The online festival is FREE to anyone and everyone, as a thank you to all the fans who have been exceptionally understanding and supportive of the festival’s date change. Fans can tune in via the following online link, or catch it live on the Splashy Fen website or social media pages:

Splashy Fen would not be Splashy Fen if it was not for the fans,” says Stu Berry, Festival Director. “The Lockdown LIVE is just a small way that we can show our gratitudeBesides, it brings us absolute joy to be able to do what we love even in these very trying times: that is, bring world-class music and entertainment to our fans.”

An up-side is that even those who could not make the original festival date, get to enjoy this virtual festival over the Easter weekend, from anywhere in the country. It’s a first for Africa, and we are extremely proud. What we do ask, is that if anyone is able to, we will be setting up a donation line on our social media pages for people who can make a contribution to all the performers who have little-to-no income over the lockdown period.”


But wait, there’s more… what would a Splashy Fen weekend be without tents! The #splashytentchallenge will also take place over the Easter long weekend, where fans are challenged to pitch their tent in their garden, lounge, bar, bedroom… wherever they can, to enjoy a hint of what would have been at Splashy Fen in Underberg. Fans can snap a picture or video and post it to Splashy Fen’s social media pages using the hashtag: #splashytentchallenge to stand a chance to win their share of R10 000 in prizes.

All the artists performing have agreed to do so for free to allow us to view the event online for free! You can’t get more amazing than that – if you are in a position to make a donation towards the artists during the next few days it would be greatly appreciated. You can do so via Zapper – check out the Splashy Fen social media pages for more info and latest news.

The Full Lockdown LIVE schedule:


09h00                    Fitness with Hayley

10h00                    Plant Based Cooking with Moontree

11h00                    ON AIR: Chats with Jane Linley Thomas

12h00                    ON AIR: Chats with Juzzie Smith

13h00                    LIVE: Marc Weinstein (4am)

14h00                    ECR: Comedy with Neil Green

15h00                    ON AIR: Chats with Fuzzy (Creative Director)

16h30                    Splashy 2017 Aftermovie

17h00                    LIVE: Donovan Copley (Hot Water Duo)

18h30                    LIVE: Gary Nixon

19h30                    Proudly South African: The Springboks

19h45                    South African National Anthem

20h00                    LIVE: Veranda Panda

21h15                    LIVE: Goldfish


09h00                    Yoga with Kaz

10h00                    Happy Hearts Kids Art Club

11h00                    ON AIR: Chats with Griekse Boertjie

12h00                    ON AIR: Chats with Jeremy Loops

13h00                    LIVE: Roachy and the Rock Coaches

14h00                    ECR: Comedy with Darren Maule

15h00                    LIVE: Juzzie Smith

16h30                    Splashy 2018 Aftermovie

17h00                    LIVE: James Deacon

18h30                    LIVE: Steve Umculo

19h30                    Proudly South African: I Am African

19h45                    South African National Anthem

20h00                    LIVE: Goodluck DJ Set



09h00                    Fitness with Hayley

10h00                    Plant Based Cooking with Moontree

11h00                    ON AIR: Chats with The Pierce Brothers

12h00                    ON AIR: Chats with Liam Magner

13h00                    LIVE: Bradley Grey Band

14h00                    ECR: Comedy with Rory Petzer

15h00                    ON AIR: Chats with Coleman Hell

16h30                    Splashy 2019 Aftermovie

17h00                    LIVE: Mbijana Sibisi

18h30                    LIVE: FREDDY-L

19h30                    Johnny Clegg & Ladysmith Black Mambazo Tribute

19h45                    South African National Anthem

20h00                    LIVE: SYZO DJ Set

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