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Jeremy Loops Brings the Waves to Marriot Ballito Beats

In the first instalment of the 2018 Marriott Ballito Beats Music Series, Jeremy Loops performed to a sold-out venue at the Sugar Rush Park in Ballito. 3,000 fans and Ballito locals spent their Friday evening listening to the unmistakable guitar licks, vocal turns and melodies of one of South Africa’s most popular acts.

Opening act for Jeremy Loops, the Gus Brown Band did a great job of getting the crowd out of their camping chairs, off their picnic blankets and onto their feet at the front of the stage. Gav Welsh, lead singer of the Gus Brown Band says they’re all about the fans. “We love it when the crowd gets involved. It means they like what we’re dishing out, and we’re so happy to be involved in this music series performing to all these amazing people”, says Welsh.

The full capacity crowd went crazy when Jeremy Loops and his instrumental, musically gifted crew took to the stage, performing a selection of music that fans have come to know and love, mixed up with the woozy summer-inspired songs from the new album. Fans were treated to a perfect mix of old and new, for a full night of great entertainment.

“We are very, very big fans of playing all around South Africa.” said Jeremy Loops. “But the reality is that there are very few cities that accommodate live music, for various reasons. So, for Ballito to become a destination that promotes this, and for Marriott and Impi Concept Events to be leading the charge, it’s a really big deal for us, and we’re super excited to be here.”

“One thing is for sure. There’s a real energy out here in Ballito”, says Stu Berry, Series Director. “And it was great to see such a turn out for an evening show, which was a first for the Marriott Ballito Beats Series. It opens up opportunities for us, knowing that Ballito is open to this kind of show, and we’re excited about where this music series is going. Our first sold out show, in our second year… we’re so thankful to everyone who came out to support us and enjoy the quality entertainment that we’re proud to offer.”

The next three shows are set to wow the fans with Gangs of Ballet, Matthew Mole and Mango Groove, returning for their second time to the series, after an infamously rain-drenched first attempt in 2017. The Gangs of Ballet concert takes place on the 20th of May, Mango Groove on the 1st of July and Matthew Mole on the 26th of August.

Tickets are available from and fans are encouraged to book now to avoid disappointment, as was experienced by so many for the Jeremy Loops sold out show.

With a booming community of over 40,000 people, and growing, the Marriott Ballito Beats Music Series will continue to help create a social and fun experiential offering for Ballito’s locals, delivering on its promise to all locals looking for family entertainment right in their very own back yard.

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