National Geocacher Gathering to take in place in Kwazulu Natal in October 2014

Kwazulu Natal will play host to geocachers from all over South Africa from 4 – 6 October in Giba Gorge MTB Park in Westmead. The local numbers will be swelled by additional visitors from a few foreign countries. Its the first time Durban will be hosting a MEGA Geocaching event and only the 2nd event of this sze in Africa.

A fun-filled weekend is planned for the whole family with activities ranging from fun-runs, to hikes in the local nature reserves, a sunrise beach gathering plus social activities at the conference venue. In addition there will be a 4×4 trip to the Valley of 1000 Hills and technical talks on a variety of topics, ranging from snakes to first aid.
Geocaching is a form of high-tech treasure hunt (using GPSs and GPS-enabled smartphones) where participants hide geocaches and challenge fellow geocachers to find them. The successful find is recorded in writing on the log-sheet placed in the geocache and also online on the finder’s geocaching profile. More about geocaching can be found at:

The Durban (eThekwini) area has approximately 1000 geocaches hidden in many places – the local Nature Reserves, in urban parklands, hidden on the back of signs, in fact just about anywhere!
The Kwazulu Natal total is about 2050 geocaches and in South Africa one can search for over 10 700 geocaches. Worldwide there are more than 2.5 Million geocaches to be found!

All those interested in geocaching (from beginner to expert) are welcome to attend for all or part of the weekend – a nominal registration fee is applicable.

All surpluses after the event will be donated to Ezemvelo Wildlife Honorary Rangers active in the Tembe and Ndumo Nature Reserves – and these surpluses will be specifically utilised for elephant conservation efforts.
Registration can be done on the official event website:

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