Talk Sign 2018 Launch a Success

The 2018 Talk Sign campaign was launched to 100 media and invited guests at The Pavilion Hotel on Friday, 26 January 2018.

Justice Zak Yacoob (President of the KZN Blind and Deaf Society) welcomed and addressed the guests and told them more about the KZNBDS.

Keynote speaker, Nayantra Kanaye (co-ordinator of the Deaf Programme in the Department of IT at DUT) shared her story of how difficult it was bringing up two Deaf children many years ago, when teaching Sign Language to Deaf children was still frowned upon. She also explained why the launch of the first-ever Talk Sign 1 Sign Language Phrase Book was so vital to bridging the gap between the Deaf and the hearing.

Talk Sign 2018

Guests enjoyed a buffet breakfast and were taught the five Sign Language phrases that have been highlighted for the new campaign. Gugu Ntini who is Deaf and also appeared in the Talk Sign 1 book, performed a poem in Sign Language. Lloyd Paul, a loyal Talk Sign ambassador for the past 5 years and well-known celebrity, entertained the guests with a high energy rap song.

Each guest was spoilt with a “coffee and cake for two” voucher from Chateau Gateaux and all media guests received complimentary copies of Talk Sign 1.

Talk Sign

Talk Sign’s mission is to create awareness among the South African hearing community, which will make them sensitive to the needs of the Deaf and hearing impaired. This would promote Sign Language that, in turn, enables two-way communication. The long-term plan is to fully integrate the Deaf community into schools, social and competitive sports, the workplace and all aspects of life. In a nutshell, the Talk Sign campaign aims to have South African Sign Language (SASL) approved as South Africa’s 12th official language.

Talk Sign Day is on 9 March 2018. Please buy a sticker for R10 and wear it to promote Deaf awareness and encourage the hearing to learn basic Sign Language.

Email alice@thealist.co.za to order stickers or the book, or for more info visit www.talksign.co.za

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