Talk Sign Day 2017

Talk Sign 2017 gathered momentum at an event hosted by Chateau Gateaux Patisserie in Durban North on 1 March, attended by 20 VIP guests and the media.

Everyone is encouraged to buy a Talk Sign sticker for only R10 and wear it on Talk Sign Day (Friday, 10th of March). ‘’We are also encouraging people to do an activity on Talk Sign Day to show support for people who are Deaf.’’ said Shamila Surjoo, Director of the KZN Blind and Deaf Society. ‘’As far as the Talk Sign Day activities are concerned, schools and business can be as creative as they like. For example, each learner can present something in Sign Language to the class and the corporates can distribute the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ when communicating with someone who is Deaf.’ suggests Shamila.

Talk Sign Campaign Manager Alice Leah explained, “We are so excited by our collaboration with the nine Chateau Gateaux branches in KZN and Gauteng who have embraced this KZN Blind & Deaf Society initiative. This is the first time that the campaign has secured a large retailer to sell stickers to the public, which skyrockets the availability of stickers.

“The Talk Sign Campaign aims to popularise South African Sign Language (SASL) and the money raised from sticker sales is used for the education of the Deaf and hard of hearing, and to assist with job creation and placement.”

According to the President of the KZN Blind and Deaf Society, Justice Zak Yacoob, ‘’It is a human right of every person who is Deaf to be able to communicate – to understand others and to be understood. We all need to communicate with each other. Imagine how lonely it must be when you don’t understand what the people around you are saying and, no-one understands what you are trying to say? This is how people who are Deaf feel, around those who don’t understand South African Sign Language (SASL).’’ explained Justice Yacoob.

Anna Kelly, Chateau Gateaux’s Marketing Manager said, “It is our absolute pleasure to partner with Talk Sign in their pursuit to make SA Sign Language South Africa’s 12th official language. We are delighted to be able to offer our stores as a retail point for Talk Sign Day sticker sales, to enable the Talk Sign team to spread their message into other parts of the country. We challenge all our customers to learn to sign ‘let’s do coffee’ and meet at a Chateau Gateaux store to buy their stickers for Talk Sign Day!

For bulk sticker orders to sell at school or work, please contact Alice on 082 577 2110 or e-mail alice@thealist.co.za
Visit www.talksign.co.za for more information.

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