REVIEW: Brooklyn Brothers Cornubia Mall

Can you eat sticky wings, ribs, burgers, hot dogs and waffles? We did!
We went to see what grub and gulp the newly opened Brooklyn Brothers had to offer in the way of a New York inspired, hip urban dining experience.

Brooklyn Brothers is located in Cornubia Mall, who itself recently opened its gates late September to a variety of lifestyle, fashion & food stores. Being the first restaurant outside of
Johannesburg we were eager to see what they had to offer.

Their story started like many others, back in the good ol’ days… And have kept an authentic american diner feel but with a modern, trendy twist. Before looking at the menu we took a few minutes to take in the trademark decor and branding that is synonymous with the restaurant’s urban feel, hanging lights with exposed wiring, big back to back B’s in light bulb letters illuminate the space.

Brookklyn Brothers

Looking through the menu, burgers on the left, wings and ribs on the right, our taste buds were tingling at the thought of putting together an order. We decided to do what any foodie would do, and order a selection… To share! 😉

Now to choose!

The Great Burger selection are BB’s take on classic New York burgers, with simple twists to suit all. If you’re more adventurous with your grub, there’s a ‘Be Different’ range, including the 4 smashed beef patties and a Colossal Coney Burger Tower to really hit the spot. The one that peaked our attention was ‘The Boss’. A smash burger patty with crispy bacon and a wicked blue cheese sauce.

Now for the Wacky Wings. 4? 12? 20? Or 100!!!!!

The flavours are mostly based on American classics with Honey, smoked, Buffalo and BBQ. On the spiced side you have Asian, Cajun and Tika, with some interesting additions of Garlic Parmesan and Lime coriander and ginger. If like most Durbanites you like things HOT, Brooklyn Brothers offers you the choice of destroying your taste buds with their hot wing flavours. Ranging from ‘Smiling’ at 1 chili to ‘Suicidal’ at 5, with a range in between. Our selection was 8 wings with 2 flavours. Lime coriander and ginger and buffalo honey, keeping things simple (and safe).

Winner winner rib dinner! We went with the half a rack of ribs with BBQ basting, but could have smashed the full rack of ribs if we tried.

If our tummies were big enough, we would have also be indulging on the Nachos and Downtown Dogs. But we will have to save that for next time… But there is always room for dessert! Crazy shake or waffle? That was the question that put us in a dessert conundrum. We decided Crazy Shakes deserved it’s own visit and went for the waffle option. Two golden brown waffles with a generous serving of Nutella plonked in the middle of each, ice cream on the top. They were gone in record speed. Food coma Mk2.

The friendly staff, the flavourful food and the festive atmosphere made this dining experience one I would go back for. We highly recommend giving this new spot on the bloc a try to experience the flavour sensation for yourself. When dining out at a Brooklyn Brothers restaurant there is only one thing to remember, “Forget the rules, if you like it, EAT IT!”


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