Hudson’s Burger Joint Opening in Umhlanga

If you’ve been to Cape Town, you have surely heard of the famous Hudson’s Burger Joint.
Now, it’s Durban’s turn as they prepare to open up in Umhlanga!

What makes Hudson’s different to other burger joints?

The most distinguishing factors of Hudsons vs its competitors, is that we try create an experience where you are taken away from the daily grind, into a true burger joint where staff love what they do and clients become part of the Hudsons Culture. Authenticity is the key to the Hudsons brand, without it the brand just wouldn’t be what it is today. The timeless décor, the finest cuts of meat and no corners cut quality products set to nostalgic rock music, all contribute to the authenticity of the brand.

Although the brand strives for an authentic edge, it is still set to the soundtrack of contemporary city life. Hudsons remains current through the development of innovative menu items, as well keeping a close watch on what its customers want and planning how to fulfill these needs.

3 reasons why we should try Hudson’s?

· Burgers are what Hudsons is about, without the burgers there would be no Hudson’s.
· The essence of craft culture is of importance. Hudsons acts as a social ground for customers, it’s a place where they can meet, drink and feel at ease.
· Our friendly waitresses can be seen singing along to Sweet Home Alabama as they deliver rounds of Hudsons Pale Ale Draughts to their tables.

Check them out here:

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