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Top 7 Best Burgers in Durban

201309MarcoPaulo-24 - Speakeasy

1.) Frank’s Speakeasy (Franks Burger)
– This is a 250g (beef or chicken burger) patty topped with mature white cheddar, barbeque mayo and succulent sauces, all crammed within a soft and fresh burger bun.

Kimchi Burger 1

2.) Freedom Café (Kimchi Mayo Beef Burger)
– A Korean-inspired beef burger topped with Kimchi, a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings all topped with sliced tomato, pickled red onion, lettuce and straw fries.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 9.26.16 PM

3.) Republik (Hipster Burger)
– Far from mainstream burgers, this is a roll-less option served on a grilled garlic Portobello mushroom base, topped with fresh rocket and served with a side of battered zucchini fries with honey and mustard aioli.


4.) Rocomamas (ChiliCheezGuac)
– An explosion of chilli and juiciness in the mouth this burger comes on a burger bun with smashed beef, aged cheddar, bacon, tomato, fresh guacamole, red onion and smoked mayo.

CV_HR-6 CV - Cafe Vigour

5.) Café Vigour (Lamb Burger)
– A juicy 150g patty served on a burger bun topped with lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion, gherkins, homemade burger relish and cheddar cheese.

1934232_ SR - Surfriders

6.) Surf Riders Food Snack (CamemBurger)
– 100% free range, hormone free, grass-fed beef, this burger patty is served in between two soft sesame buns. The juicy burger patty is topped with melted camembert, balsamic jam and a berry relish.

_CS_7103 DKM - Dropkick Murphys

7.) Dropkick Murphy’s (Paddy’s Burgers)
– 180g chicken patty served with shredded lettuce, tomato & home-made BBQ sauce with a range of toppings such as cheese, bacon, jalapenos, blue cheese, onion marmalade, biltong and much more at an extra cost.

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