Top 7 Best Milkshakes in Durban

Who can say no to an ice-cold, creamy, delicious milkshake? We know that we can’t!
If you haven’t tried out these spots, then you haven’t been living your life.

1. Flavour Cafe, PMB
We dare you to try one of their gourmet milkshakes, available in just about any flavour you can think of!


2. Vovo Telo, Umhlanga
Known for using only the freshest ingredients, this place will keep you coming back for mmmmore! Oh, and you have to try one of their waffles. Heaven.


3. Ebb & Flo, Gateway
This cute little spot can be found opposite CNA at Gateway. Do yourself a favour and try out their delicious milkshakes, as well as grass-fed burgers if you have space!


4. Fego Cafe, Durban North
Caramel & Crunchy, Cookies and Toblerone flavoured milkshakes? You got us right there!


5. Station Forty Three, Durban
If you haven’t heard of their famous Stout & Caramel Popcorn milkshake, then where have you been?


6. Mr. Browns BBQ, Umhlanga
This place is a hidden gem, where you can get your hands on Butterscotch gourmet milkshakes with whipped cream… mmmm


7. Boiler Room Cafe, Durban
Popcorn & Salted Caramel, yes you read that right! This spot has a wide selection of only the yummiest.


Please note: Images are not related to the places.


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