Getting in shape for your wedding day is important to a lot of bridezilla’s and grooms-to-be… we all want to look and feel our best on the BIG day, especially since:

1. The bride is generally wearing WHITE (err… the worst colour to wear when you are having a fat-day)

2. ALL EYES ARE ON YOU (there is NO escaping)

No pressure. No pressure AT all.

Whether you go balls-to-the-wall and loose all that unwanted fat or just start a light exercise program, I can tell you that by just putting in a little bit of effort to do SOME form of exercise daily you will boost your body image, confidence and hopefully shed some unwanted flab along the way!

Denver from GETFIT has been training me for a few years now, I have done the 12 week challenge where I lost around 8 kgs! The best thing about the challenge in my opinion is the group dynamic… I have come out of each challenge with new friends who have helped keep me motivated along the way.

GETFIT Challenge

That’s me on the left working hard!

I have asked Den a few questions which I hope may help ANYONE out there, getting married or not. If you visit their Facebook page you will also see a few awesome competitions on the go to WIN a challenge for yourself… how amazing! There are a few branches around Durbz making it convenient to train and with several sessions a day on different days of the week it is near impossible for the challenge to not fit into your lifestyle. I have posted links to the respective pages at the end of this post (it’s a pleasure!) FYI – next challenge starts on the 5th September!


Denver, you are co-owner of the GETFIT franchise, tell us where it all began?

It began in 2008 when we came up with the concept of marketing a cheaper alternative to personal training but with the same benefit and prize money incentive at the end. We created GETFIT packages were clients training in groups as opposed to 1 on 1 sessions. The concept was extremely successful and now it has grown to be one of the best programs to choose to changing ones physique and lifestyle

Were you very sporty / fit at school?

Yes I’ve always participated in sport and started competitive karate at the age of 10. I’ve represented KZN and SA on many occasions during my competitive years.

What is the best thing about being a trainer?

I’m a very fun person and love interacting with people. It allows me build relationships with clients and help them achieve goals at the same time as having fun.

What is your favourite type of workout?

I really enjoy a strength session with weights or a trail run

Scenario: bride-to-be (no names mentioned… okay… it’s me!) has flabby arms that she wants to tone up for the wedding day, what type of exercise would you recommend she does and how often to target this area?

Strength training is crucial to tone and build muscle to change ones physique. I would suggest 2 or 3 GETFIT sessions a week as its very suited for women. In conjunction with that on the alternate day do cardio a run or cycle for 30-40min 2-3x week. It’s crucial to follow a structured eating plan though as 70% of body fat loose is diet related.

What about toning your butt (for those ladies off to a remote island Honeymoon)?

For hips, bums and thighs the best exercises are squats, lunges or step ups. There’s no easy way out and ladies should in corporate them in every workout routine.

For the guys… the beer-boep is always an area of concern. Apart from not drinking beer, what do exercise would you recommend to target this area.

“Ab’s are made in the kitchen”, so there’s no magic exercise. Following a control kilojoule diet and stepping up cardio a bit on alternate days to your gym routine will drop that belly down.

How important is it to follow a diet to lose weight?

70% of your weight loss is diet. It’s crucial

I am getting married in 30-odd days, what sort of diet should I follow to shed some unwanted flab?

30 days is quiet a short time to follow an eating plan. I suggest that you follow the GETFIT last 4 week diet. It’s cutting out milk and sugar completely. Eat 5 meals a day with the mid morning and afternoon meals being whey protein shakes. Breakfast is just 1/2 cup of oats and weigh. Lunch is only chicken and sweet potato for dinner you can only eat fish or ostrich with green vegetables and raw almonds. It’s really extreme but works.

Any other advice you can share with brides and grooms-to-be?

Don’t leave it for too late to get in shape for your wedding day. Always get advice and try achieving your goals with supervision or personal trainer. It’s the most special day for a girl so it’s the best motivation ever to get one in shape.

GETFIT Challenge

Class sizes vary from small to large. This is one of the bigger sessions, Super fun to have so many people working out together!

Links to the different branches around Durban:

Umhlanga – @Getfitumhlanga

Gillits – @Getfit-Centre-Gillits

Westville – @getfitwestville

Morningside – @getfitchallenge

Durban North – @Getfit-Durban-North

PMB – @getfitpmb

Ballito – @getfitballito

Website: – check out the transformations of winners from previous challenges!!

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Some friends I have met along my GETFIT journey <3

Some friends I have met along my GETFIT journey <3

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