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NEW OPENING: Nu Metro at Ballito Junction

One thing that was missing in Ballito was a cinema… until now! Nu Metro recently opened at the all new Ballito Junction Mall – and it couldn’t have been more perfect!
Boasting the largest screen in KZN, with top-of-the-range Ultra High Definition quality sound, it’s truly an experience in itself.

Nu Metro

We were recently invited to a pre-release screening of Beauty and the Beast.
Read up on our experience below.

“There it was, where I would clearly be spending a lot of time in the future… The all new Nu Metro Cinema. We walked in on a red carpet, and definitely felt like celebrities! Colourful drinks were served and snacks were dished up, made from scratch by their chef, David Molopyane.

We were taken on a tour of the cinema, and shown the different types of cinemas, my favourite being the VIP one. What with its leather reclining couches, and an option to have food and drinks brought to you during the movie… – I know, right!

Then came the time where we were ushered to our seats for the movie.

Nu Metro

We were told we were going to be watching it on KZN’s biggest screen, and in 3D! After a quick introduction, Beauty and the Beast finally started.

This was where the movie was literally brought to life, with crystal clear definition and incredible surround sound – I felt as if I was part of the movie!
Oh, and did I mention that the seats in the normal cinema also recline?

I will definitely be back to experience the VIP or even the all new 4DX cinema!”


About the Nu Metro VIP Experience

VIP at Nu Metro upgrades the cinema-going experience to first class-quality with luxurious, recliner seating, a VIP lounge/bar and an à la carte menu. It is the cinema destination of choice for discerning moviegoers, who enjoy intimate in-cinema dining experiences that are a cut above regular cinema fare. Selected Scene VIP cinemas are licensed, with an acclaimed chef on board to deliver menu options that give cinema goers a delectable and stylish alternative, along with cocktails, soda, popcorn and all the other specialised catering offerings at Nu Metro.

Nu Metro

Nu Metro recently introduced a brand new cocktail and food menu for VIP cinemas. VIP now offers moviegoers a distinct and competitive all-inclusive entertaining package – combining the allure of quality restaurant dining, enjoyed in the comfort of your reclining cinema seat, within a stylish lounge environment, to establish VIP as the destination for movie fans who want a movie experience on the upper tier of lifestyle-orientated entertainment.

Top 5 dishes to look forward to at Nu Metro VIP (Can you say, YUM!)

  • Cheesy meatballs with a basil napolitana sauce
  • Chicken drummets infused with herbs and served with a spicy peri-peri sauce
  • Moroccan lamb kebabs served with chilled tzatziki
  • Grilled halloumi buglets served with crisps and sweet chilli sauce
  • Creamy crème brulee

So, when are you going to experience it for yourselves?


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