Aaron McIlroy – ADHD

ADHD – An Inside View with Aaron McIlroy

ADHD is Aaron McIlroy at his hyperactive best. Few comedians can hold an audience for more than an hour, breezing from character to character, relaying the impact while funny but with serious undertones of having to deal with someone with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

We begin with young Angus after his first day of school on his walk home, full of hope and enthusiasm. His interaction with his teacher that day is typically innocent, funny and full of minefields as the child’s mind races with questions – with the underlying knowledge that here is a person who can cause disaster, without malice and without trying.

Next up is Ms Janice Cook, the remedial teacher who is tasked with Angus’s education. Slowly understanding that she has perhaps bitten off more than she can chew!  She is eventually brought to tears of helplessness and frustration, by a child who simply has no knowledge of the impact he has on others. Funny as she calls for her ‘special juice’ to help her get through the day.

The audience are then moved onto Coach Quinn. Part councilor, religious instructor and multi-tasker who calls a meeting of the parents of the differently abled learners. The monologue directed at the parents lead to a place where we soon understand that the parents’ reactions to having a child with ADHD is as varied as the symptoms that the children exhibit. The parents’ perspectives are of course all different, all funny and all giving an unique view on living with and near ADHD. So many characters, all hilarious and adding to society.

We are left with the final message that having ADHD does not have to define you. There are many successful and famous suspected ADHD ‘sufferers‘ who have made significant contributions to society, Newton and Eddison, perhaps even Billy-Jean King.

While McIlroy seamlessly transitions between the various characters, music also plays it part. McIlroy ‘s talent and tweaking of a few well know songs aid in getting the message across and keep the mood light. His song about the teacher at the blackboard, pupil concentrating more on the bird flying by than his school work, was typical tongue twisting and brilliant!

More than a hour of non-stop fun. So varied that the time flies in.

McIlroy, take a bow.


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