Alice In Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland: Panto-Magic

If you find yourself at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre on any given night you will find the place buzzing with character. The people, the caricature walls (mesmerizing) and the show you are about to see! This years magical pantomime, Alice in Wonderland brought to us by KickstArt will be showing until the 5th January 2020.

If you are’t quite sure what a ‘pantomime’ is, our friend Google defines it as theatrical entertainment based on a fairy tale or nursery story usually produced around Christmas for children (BIG children included), filled with music, topical jokes and slapstick comedy. This years show delivers on all!

Ready to get lost in the magical world of Wonderland? It’s down the rabbit hole we go! 

The set design transports us to the magical world of Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel, with colourful backdrops, vibrant puppets and costumes. The clever use of big and small props to mimic the shirking and growing of Alice (played by Georgie Mabbett) after a swig of the “Drink Me” potion and bite of “Eat Me” cake was a favorite for us.

Alice and the White Rabbit (Mthokozisi Zulu) encapsulate their characters with ease and we thoroughly enjoyed their performance from the moment they enter along with a host of zany, topsy-turvy characters! The humorous antics from Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are notably our favorite duo, played by Iain Robinson and James Cuningham and had us in stitches! The Mad Hatter (Lyle Buxton) is host the whimsical and beloved tea party – where nonsense and madness is the name of the game.

Special mention to the two queens, the White Queen performed by Belinda Henwood and the Queen of Hearts played by Liesl Coppin. The talented and energetic dancers Sanele Mzinayne, Pavishen Paideya, Katherine Anderson and Simone Mann all bring their own slice of magic to their performances and this delightful production.

This toe-tapping show captures the audience from the start with fun songs, topical jokes and (some) audience participation and is suitable for both young and old. If a little magic is what you seek this festive season, we highly recommend you go see Alice in Wonderland. You can get your hands on tickets here.

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