Durban Botanical Gardens

100 years as a City Garden, The Durban Botanic Gardens celebrates on 13th – 14th July

Walking through the Durban Botanic Gardens (DBG) you are sure to find well kept gardens, lush greenery, vibrant flowers, buzzing bees as well as a variety of bird life. The DBG is also home to a diverse collection of plant life including those significant and threatened plant collections of cycads and palm. An awesome historical fact: there are more than 80 heritage trees some of which are over 100 years old! So, if you are too lazy to mow your lawn at home and want to enjoy a day in the garden with your family, friends or even a good book, the DBG is the place for you.

In celebration of 100 years as a City Garden, this coming weekend will be filled with activities for all. On Saturday the 13th July, the DBG will be hosting several programmes throughout the day which you and the kids won’t want to miss out on (more information below). On Sunday the 14th July, Old Mutual Music at the Lake and East Coast Radio will join the celebrations in hosting legendary artist, known to many as the white Zulu dancer, anthropologist, singer, songwriter, academic, activist and French knight.  Who is this you may ask? Well, if you are not already a HUGE fan he is the one and only, Johnny Clegg!


2 lucky readers can each win double tickets to see Johnny Clegg live! All you need to do is post a comment below and tell us what your favourite Johnny Clegg song is. Don’t forget to LIKE the Durban Botanic Gardens facebook page (link below) and share this with your friends! If you do not win, no worries… the link to webtickets is below!

Winners will be announced on Friday 12th July via our Facebook page.

13th July’s diverse programme will run from 9am with the last programme ending at 4pm. The programme is as follows:

Visitors Centre Hall  VENUE A

  • 09H00 – 09H45: Presentation on John Medley Wood’s Plants by Teddy Govender (FREE)
  • 10H00 – 10H45: The History of the Durban Botanic Gardens by Professor Donal McCracken (FREE)
  • 12H00 – 12H45: So You Thought Einstein Was A Genius? by Megan Govender (FREE)

Visitors Centre Boardroom VENUE B

  • 09H00 – 09H45: Garden Orchids for Durban by Hennie Steyn (FREE)
  • 10H00 – 10H45: Indigenous Orchids of the Greater Durban Area by Lance Rasmussen (FREE)
  • 11H00 – 11H45: Commonly Grown Orchids in Cultivation by Gavin McDonald (FREE)
  • 12H00 – 12H45: Starting Your Orchid Collection by Natal Orchid Society (FREE)

Lawn outside Visitors Centre  VENUE C

  • 09H00 – 09H45: Orchid Potting by Natal Orchid Society (FREE)
  • 10H00 – 10H45: Orchid Potting by Natal Orchid Society (FREE)
  • 11H00 – 11H45: Orchid Potting by Natal Orchid Society (FREE)
  • 12H00 – 12H45: Orchid Potting by Natal Orchid Society (FREE)
  • 09H00 – 13H45: Science in The Park by Tanja Reinhart (FREE)

Visitors Centre Veranda VENUE D

  • 09H00 – 12H45: Orchid SALE by Natal Orchid Society

Permaculture Training Centre  VENUE E **

  • 09H00 – 12H45: Permaculture for Kids by Jabulani Memela (R50pp)

Durban Botanic Gardens Guided Programmes  VENUE F **

  • 09H00 – 10H45: Walking with Old Trees by Christine Sole (R10pp)
  • 11H00 – 12H45: Centenary Walk with Adele Schorn (R10pp)
  • 14H00 – 15H45: A Walk in the Forest Garden with Geoff Nichols  (R10pp)
  • 09H00 – 10H45: Orchid Guided Programme by Hendrelein Peters (R10pp)
  • 11H00 – 12H45: Orchid Guided Programme by Hendrelein Peters (R10pp)
  • 09H00 – 10H45: Birds of the Durban Botanic Gardens by Liz Ellis (R10pp) – Bring binoculars

 Discovery Room  VENUE G

  • 09H00 – 10H45: Identification of Indigenous Cycads Of South Africa by Cornia Hugo (R50pp)
  • 11H00 – 12H45: Cycad Conservation in KwaZulu-Natal by Avis Nel (R50pp)

Alien Alley  VENUE H **

  • 10H00 – 10H45: SANBI’s Invasive Alien Plant Programme by Reshnee Lalla and Michael Cheek (FREE)

** In the event of rain, these programmes ( ** ) will be cancelled

For more information and bookings please contact Information Office on 031 322 40 21 or

WebticketsDBG – facebookDBG – websiteJohnny Clegg – website

*Photos by Nicola Pybus