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“Cafe Vigour” in-VIGOUR-ating Suncoasters!

Suncoast’s new addition ‘Cafe Vigour’ is not just another snazzy dining experience; it is a place with an invigorating menu and a modern day jazzy ambience, it is a place where the art of preparing food fuses with the pleasurable dining experience, which is rare to find and sometimes construed as risky. Rare and risky because many dread delving into sharing what happens in the kitchen (need I say more than Gordan Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen?). But no fear from Suncoast CasinoHotels and Entertainment translates confidence and speaks volumes about management.

I must admit I am familiar with Suncoast and visit fairly often, it congregates a range of activities in one space; from the beach to the Sunfit regimes to the live shows to the movies and of course the food experiences… It’s a hub of entertainment galore that caters for your tummy too! So the fresh redo of what was previously ‘Circus Circus’ into ‘Cafe Vigour’ is most certainly a welcomed transition. The bistro styled coffee shop opened its doors on the 14th of April and has successfully served over 12,000 guests, with more than 3,000 cups of coffee drunk and almost 2,000 breakfasts eaten since their debut, it seems this cafe is becoming a hot spot!

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Cafe Vigour has a well rounded menu, with reasonable prices and a fair amount of vegetarian options. I was delightfully presented with plated variations of the exquisite mushroom, which lead the scene to tasty-dom and left me smiling. Now more importantly, desserts form an integral part of any menu and to put things in perspective, let’s just say the waffles were so sensational that it bestowed silence at our table (merriment of silence). The portion size is what I found to be befitting, when we dine out we sometimes tend to eat with our eyes (order more than our tummy’s can handle) and this is not ideal for our bodies. The portions were quaint and filling and the Marketing Manager, Louise Howell, explained it supremely when she said, “The coffee shop is a perfect fit with our brand and it’s a welcome offering to our guests who are able to enjoy everything from a delicious breakfast to a light meal at lunch or dinner. Café Vigour conforms with all the aspects of food that we expect today, from being delicious and wholesome, to the quality of ingredients and how ethically we source them, through to good delivery. It’s the great experience that our guests expect from SUNCOAST and in fact any Tsogo Sun venue.”

My favourite part of Cafe Vigour has to be the wall that houses many of the towns in our wonderful province of Kwazulu Natal. The wall governs the room and extends to the middle of the ceiling with beautifully elegant chandeliers draping the dining experience with just the right amount of light and sparkle. The town wall christens the cafe and certainly filled me with a sense of pride. The red and grey colour scheme compliments the experience with an essence of classiness and the big sofa seats invite you into a cloudy softness (tried and tested under Durbanite standards). It is a masterpiece from the onset with the blending of hot beverages, good food; a great atmosphere and of course attention to Durban friendliness. I definitely see a future filled with frothy cappuccinos and invigorating experiences. photo 2

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