Carlton Does it Again!

We sent our reviewer, Cristy Gibbons to try out Carlton Hair International after years of never having visited a salon. Here’s what she had to say.

“Being what is referred to in the industry as a “hair virgin” I was reasonably apprehensive to be the recipient of what was described to me as a “Full head of colour, a cut and a treatment”. These words were as foreign to me as Mandarin.

The day arrived. I walked into Carlton hair with a heavy sense of fear.

Other than the occasional cut, hair salons are not places I usually frequent. I was rather surprised. The reception was so warm (not just because of the hair dryers blowing about).
All smiles from behind the counter – aren’t hair stylists known for being diva-esque?

Questioning everything I thought I knew about life, with coffee in hand, I was introduced to Kim Franklin. I would later be told that Kim happens to be a “Master Colourist” – very fancy, huh? – and that she would be performing miracles on me.

Kim made me feel very comfortable ( can they smell fear?). The first thing on her list of ‘“to-do’s” was asking me what I had in mind for my hair. My request was simple, “Please don’t make me look like a Barbie. I want to look like me, just ‘umpfier’.
After taking a look at me and my mane, Kim explained what she thought I would look best with. I was really thrilled at how personally cared for she made me feel.
The decision had been made – I was going to be Flamboyaged!

* Also known as “baby-lites” but I kinda like “Flaboyaged”

I was on my second cup of coffee when the first foil went in. I thought I would hear screams and hisses but, nothing – it was painless and Kim made it look like a piece of cake. Before I knew it, the foils were out and I was being treated to another very fancy thing “Ola Plex”. This is a magical elixir/treatment that strengthens your hair and repairs damage from root to tip. (All the hairstylists use it – thank me later. It’s worth it.)

After a rise, I was massaged by a woman with fourteen fingers. Okay, not literally, but when I closed my eyes… I don’t know her name but I am going back to find her.
While I was lying back, purring in the basin, I listened with deep interest to the chit-chat at the basins. These women were incredible. Their knowledge of hair seemed to surpass Dumbledor’s knowledge of magic. I was at a fountain of knowledge in the wash basin of Carlton La Lucia.

It was now time for the dreaded cut. (Gulp.)
Kim explained what she thought would be the ideal length for me to accentuate my features… As always the “ideal” length is always two inches shorter than you’d hoped.
I confess, I wimped out and asked if Kim would be okay to only “subtlety accentuate my face” and keep some length. She didn’t even put up a fight. What a woman.

I walked out of Carlton, feeling very different to how I walked in, happy and, well – much “uumpfier”.

What I got:
Flamboyage + Ammonia free colour from the “Oi” range (Organic!) + plus the very fancy Ola plex treatment = Umpfy, happy, natural hair.”