A Durban Hammam Experience at the Oyster Box


You’re sweating, your hair is frizzy, and your skin is boiling. You breathe in nothing but humid air. Sounds like Durban, right? What if I told you you could feel all this in a better, different way?

Well… You can at The Spa at the Oyster Box with their signature Durban Hammam Treatment! Confused? Allow me to explain.

I recently paid a visit to The Spa at the Oyster Box – my first time! First I was welcomed at reception, then led through to the locker rooms to put on a luxurious Oyster Box branded gown. I was given a locker and a key to put away my valuables.

Next I was guided upstairs to the waiting area, where I had to fill in a quick form.

I was offered a delicious selection of snacks with refreshments – my favourite being the mini pink macarons!

My therapist then came to take me into the treatment room, and wow, what a beautiful room! Dimmed lights with scented candles floating in water trays made for the perfect spa setting. I was told I would start off with a 20 minute steam session in a beautiful Hammam room, and that she would let me know when the session was finished.

I grabbed a towel, and walked inside the Hammam room. With 43 degrees, I could immediately feel the humidity – much like Durban on a hot summer’s day! The room was octagonal shaped, with a circular block in the middle to lie down on if you wanted. I felt my skin heating up, and breathed in the steam – it was magical! I did have to walk in and out just to get a bit of a breather, and to drink the ice cold water bottles they had waiting in the separate room.


After about 20 minutes or so, I was called back into the treatment room, where I was told to lie down on a heated marble block for my massage. My therapist started off the massage using heated lemons which helps to heal sore and tired muscles. As the lemons softened, cane sugar and coconut oil was used to exfoliate and to get rid of any excess skin cells. Sounds incredible, right?

I was then led into a third room where a giant, hot shower already heated and ready for me to hop in. I was literally in heaven!

Oh, and did I mention that was the BEST massage I’ve ever had in my life?


After I was done with my shower, I was told I could use the facilities – so I decided to try out the famous plunge pool. Relaxation had never felt that good. I left The Oyster Box feeling like a completely new person!

One thing I loved about the The Spa at the Oyster Box is that the staff were very accommodating. I’m hearing impaired and wear a hearing aid, and so was concerned as to whether I should take it with me in the Hammam room. I was also worried I wouldn’t be able to hear instructions from my therapist, however, they exceeded all my expectations and ensured that I was comfortable and happy.

If you’re living in Durban and have never paid the The Spa at the Oyster Box a visit, well, what are you waiting for? I can guarantee you now that you’ll LOVE every minute of it!

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