“Once, the Sani Pass was a rough mule trail descending the Eastern Highlands of old Basutoland into Natal. Tough drivers brought wool and mohair down the Pass on donkeys and mules to be exchanged for blankets, clothing and maize meal.”

Today, the route is commonly used by 4×4 vehicles on a daily basis for everyone to enjoy.

Sani Pass Tours is the most established and largest tour operator of the Kwa-Sani district and offer a variety of Lesotho tours, with the Sani Pass Day Tour being the most popular.

Bianca recently joined Sani Pass Tours on one of their trips and got to experience the journey and offerings.

The Drakensberg mountains separates Lesotho and South Africa and at the top of the mountain is Lesotho. The Sani Pass trail spans 45km and something that is uncommonly known, is that 9km between the border controls belongs to SA. The trail takes drivers over an exciting combination of rocks, gravel, mud and some areas that have succumbed to rock falls.

“Sani Pass Tours pride themselves on providing informative and friendly guides on the tours. Our guide for the day was Wilson, who often stopped to allow us to take photographs of the stunning views from all angles and pointed out birding and wildlife we might have missed on our own.”

The company ensures that all vehicles used on the tour are kept in top-notch condition and are regularly serviced. If anything noticeable occurs they immediately sort this out and do not allow vehicles on the route that could have issues or cause any disruptions to the tour.
Included in the Day Tour with Sani Pass Tours is a stop at the Basutoland Village. Within the Village, live approximately 50 people.

They live a very simplistic lifestyle, having no electricity and use solar panels to charge their cellphones and have limited signal. The women of the village go once a month into the main town to get any supplies they need, they have to ensure they get everything they need as this is a very difficult and long journey to make. The men look after the sheep and in the Winter, as it is too cold for the animals, they move to the low lands.

The children go to school in the main town, and stay with relatives or at boarding establishments and go home during the school holidays.

“It was a very educational tour, where we got to learn more about the Basutoland lifestyle and how they are still happy with the simplicity they have. The men of the village look after the animals such as sheep and cattle, and the donkeys are used to carry items down the Pass.
Before making the trip back down the pass, the tour takes you to get lunch at the Highest Pub. We got to experience some more amazing views that just blew us away. We also enjoyed tasting the Lesotho traditional beer “Maluti” and got to listen to the Villagers traditional music.”


Come on Durbanites – you only need to travel 2 ½ hours inland to Underberg from Durban to enjoy the Southern Drakensberg!

Bring your passports along and book a Sani Pass Day Tour with Sani Pass Tours and get to experience the famous Sani Pass , visit the highest Pub in Africa (we know you will like that !) and enjoy a taste of Lesotho.

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